The Inflation Pandemic – Part Of The Problem 881

Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave and Robbie discuss the covid media narrative collapse as we watch people like Anthony Fauci change their tone on the virus and inflation We also watch as John Bolton discusses his expertise in overthrowing governments.
This Episode Was Recorded On 7.13.22

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Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in Politics three times a week, with the promise of bonus episodes! Libertarian Philosophy mixed with a sense of humor, POTP is one of the leading voices in libertarianism.

Dave Smith is a New York based stand-up comedian, radio personality, and political commentator. Dave can be seen regularly on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “Red Eye” on Fox News, as well as “Kennedy” on Fox Business Network. In 2013 Dave was featured as one of the New Faces at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He was also a featured performer on the New York Comedy Festival’s “New York’s Funniest” showcase in 2014 and 2015. Dave’s outlet for his social commentary is his podcast, “Part of the Problem,” which is available on iTunes. Dave is also co-host of “The Legion of Skanks” podcast, available on the GaS Digital Network.

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Written by Dave Smith


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  1. I love how often Robbie wears an AC/DC shirt — I personally own three different shirts of theirs (the vast majority of my T shirts are various bands/EDM artists/music festivals), so I can relate

  2. Episode 881; time 47:21; with Robbie. 51 uses of the word "like" by Dave (that were NOT in the form "A is like B" or "I like C"). This works out to 1.1 "likes" per minute. New low record! Way to go, Dave! Sincerely, a boomer fan.

  3. It is unbelievable that, after so many half-truths & outright lies Fauci has spewed over the years, that anyone can still hold faith in him. If I hear him speak, it is almost as if I require an extra degree of attention in order to translate his brand of bullshit into english.

  4. No vaccine and I got covid a month ago. Loss of sense of smell and taste for 5 days and had a chest cough for 2 weeks. Now Dr pepper tastes a little different, but everything else is back to normal.

    Different people react differently, but the only ground is much weaker symptomatically than previous covid, so it's disingenuous to treat the reaction the same

  5. I just want to add something in regards to the comment where Dave said that even many trump supporters don't believe the election was stolen from him. I used to think the same thing until I started visiting some of the ppl who were straight up saying the election wasn't stolen on other places like rumble and locals. Bottom line, most of the ppl on YouTube who are saying the election wasn't stolen are simply saying that so YouTube doesn't strip them of their finances. I've watched ppl go from "trump is retard and hell no the election wasn't stolen"….on YouTube, to "yes, for sure joe Biden did not win that election bcuz their was rampant fraud thay swayed key places, in addition to stopping counting in one place and continuing to count in other places, to make sure Biden won". If you're on youtube, youre not going to get someone to tell you anything that the big tech is trying to keep quiet. I mean you have to be oblivious to reality to think that election was free and fair. I mean come on, listen to bolton. If you seriously think him and his asshats pals are going to plan coups in other nations but somehow find some ethics when it comes to america. You clearly haven't been paying attention. Plus, coincidences that seem to always benefit one class of ppl aren't something that happens in the U.S. you'd have a better chance of hitting the lottery twice than for all those things to fall into place so cleanly to help on class of ppl out over and over. I just think ppl have some preconceived notion as to what fraud is supposed to happen and if they don't see that, then it didn't happen. Between big tech and govt, and liberal elites, they basically riled everyone up and basically coaxed many ppl in key districts to either shut their mouths, go along with it, or outright do it. You don't need a small or even big group of ppl doing it. You just need a plethora of individuals harvesting ballots, being on the election boards, not letting poll watchers do their jobs, as well as media to run cover for everything. And that's only a small part of it. Before I run off on a Tangent, I'll just say that while I didn't vote for either candidate. I did watch every second of election coverage and court cases. And yes, there was some major fuckery in that election and whether you think Trump won or lost, I will confidently say that Biden did not win. I'll leave it there. Cheers. Good show. I do enjoy them

  6. I'm one of those that got two shots and no boosters. I'm over 50 and out of shape. I hadn't gotten the virus yet but I saw that a decent percentage of people my age were going to the hospital in the first 12 months. I used logic that the last thing the government wanted to do was kill off a bunch of people that were compliant. Figured if long term effects showed up, we would all be in the same boat and the government would be forced to take care of it. It wasn't about trusting government. Once the data came out that the effectiveness of the vaccines were very short lived and they were going to push boosters, it was THEN I realized that the risk from getting shots every 6 to 12 months outweighed the benefits. I didn't get the shots because of mandates and I have been against all mandates since day 1. It's why I have always made it clear to people that rag on Joe Rogan, he always said "if I was young AND healthy" and "consult with your physician."

  7. There were a lot of people who were skeptical prior to The White House Correspondents Dinner when they relaxed the Covid rules. Now that it is over the fear mongering has returned

  8. I have a lucky rabbit’s foot. I have not been hospitalized for any disease. I ‘think’ my rabbits foot ‘contributed’ to the ‘mildness’ of diseases I’ve had in the past which have been ‘much less severe’ – at least that’s how I ‘strongly feel’ about my rabbit’s foot.

  9. They can’t just come out and say: “We were erring on the side of caution at the onset. The situation looked very dangerous at first. We went too far on a few things, and we need to examine the situation, so that we can continuously improve and have a more proportional response in the future. None of this is perfect, contagions can be dangerous, and I’d rather be faulted for erring towards caution. We probably went too far in that direction on this disease. We need to regroup and rethink and we’re now focused on examining our reaction and getting better as we go into the future.”

    But they’ll never admit even the tiniest thing.

    They can’t just EVER — FUCKING EVVVVVVER admit to any type of error.

    They are extremely arrogant, and in serving their own arrogance they have become pathological liars.

  10. I got covid for the first time this past week. My gf is all vaxxed and boosted and she also got sick. I was deff more sick but it was also far from dangerous to my life. I do not need any shots and its crazy that they really want to push these things on us.

  11. Think of money like it's Karma points on Reddit. Say you make a post that goes viral and lets say you had 300,000 karma but because of this very popular post your karma doubles to 600,000. You then realize (or should realize) how meaningless karma points are. Just like if your home is worth 300,000 one day but inflation gets so bad that basically overnight your home's 'value' increases to 600,000 you then realize (or should realize) how printing money with reckless abandon makes money worthless.

  12. “As someone who has helped plan coup d’etat, it takes a lot of work” – John Bolton

    Despite being a fu*king war criminal… I at least respect his commitment to that sweet ‘stache though

  13. You should get Eric July on here or Skanks to help promote his comic, dude. I think a lot of the nerds in the audience would back him. Absolutely incredible how he’s raised over 2 million dollars in less than a week. 😂

  14. I like the way Fauci never, ever presents any evidence…never referencing a specific study…or anything. Nothing. Ever. He just says things like " the data indicates…" blah blah blah. What data? I'd look at it if he said what this data was.

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