The Insane Scale of Jeff Bezos’ Wealth Visualized

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Written by RealLifeLore


  1. “Understanding just how enormous 200 billion dollars actually is, is quite difficult for the human mind” quite difficult for you yeah, but over 200 billion dollars is over 200 billion dollars to a person with a fucking brain.

  2. Now imagine 1.6 trillion dollars… thats how much student debt the US has. People with not even 0.000000005 percent of his networth are responsible for paying that back……

  3. And yet even with all that money, he's still bald as a coot, only 5 foot 6 and has a wonky eye.

    I think I'd rather be my penniless, strapping 6'2" self with a full head of hair than Jeff Bezos. At least I don't have a hard time finding women short enough for me, and don't need to go to the children's aisle when buying clothes.

  4. IF my math is correct if you had had his wealth in US 1 dollar bills, it would be 44.3 million square miles. The Atlantic ocean is 41.3 million square miles, North America, Asia, and Africa combined are 38.48 million square miles. So he could paper over every inch of a continent using dollar bills and still have plenty of money.

  5. It's wrong that he has that much money. First of all he should pay his taxes like the rest of us have to. Secondly, imagine having that much money and at the same time knowing full well it would only cost 60 billion to end world hunger and water insecurity and instead choose to just hoard the money. What a shitty person.

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