The insidious ‘Restriction of Movement’ trial in Oxford

Oxford County Council have planned a journey restriction trial for 2024, as part of the 15 minute cities scheme. I am worried this might have far-reaching effects if we are not careful.

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Written by Richard Vobes


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  1. When there is no wind there is no wind power , when the weather is overcast in the short hours of winter daylight there is no solar power , the eco nutters don't understand simple physics .

  2. Next they'll be telling you what you can eat, drink, how many hours of sleep you can have, how many units of oxygen you're allowed. This won't stop until they control every aspect of your lives.

  3. obviously this will make a huge difference
    off course the tiny reduction in emissions will change the course of global climate change that started 20k years ago and continues regardless of what we do.
    Mind you, has anyone asked the Russians, Chinese, Indians, Thai's, South Koreans, USA, and the rest of europe if they'll be doing exactly the same thing?
    Or will it just be business as usual in the rest of the world?

  4. At my uni the council didn't want people driving in, so they kept upping the parking charges, (it got to about £15 a day by the time I left). I had to drive in because there were no buses I could catch and I lived about 20 miles away.

    Of course, they were too tight to pay for an attendant, so I just refused to pay on principal

  5. I live in Oxford and no one needs a car to live in this city that is extremely small and easy to get around. It’s always been a cycling city. New people moved here and refused to adapt to the cultural mores. When I grew up here in the 1970s the roads were not gridlocked and kids walked to school or cycled. This is about traffic congestion not climate. There are lots of exemptions to the restrictions, including the disabled. I don’t have a car and I get around just fine! Lots of people do, I’m not an exception. The traffic congestion is linked to the housing crisis in this city too. It’s also linked to the privatisation of higher education as there are two universities here – Oxford and Oxford Brookes. Something has to be done about the traffic and if people refuse to get out of their cars, then restrictions will need to be put in place. Hopefully it will result in many people leaving the city, which would also resolve the housing crisis for local people. The city is immensely overpopulated and unpleasant to live in.

  6. It's just a WEF dictate .this should not happen but it wil,klaus schwab has "his people "in all the major cabinets in the west.
    Our new unelected PM is a klaus schwab puppet,so what chance have we got

  7. great vid, cant put climate change aside though because its the imagination beast that needs to be fed to make this work , for me the plandemic lockdowns were a test to see how the compliance panned out and unfortunately it panned out well for them, also as unfortunate is there are still far to many people still sleepwalking that will see this as a good idea

  8. We the people have the RIGHT TO FREE MOVMEN WITH OUT ANY RESTRICTIONS it has been written in LAW. (The MAGNACARTER COMES TO MIND) THESE so called know it alls need to get a real life

  9. I wonder what would happen if they said we are heading for an ice age , would they reopen the coal mines and condone diesel cars , and start forest fires .
    Makes me laugh when environmentalists say we have to keep the planet at 1.5 degrees, the planet will do what it wants to do .
    Deluded is to polite for these people !!!

  10. if they get away with restricting movement in oxford the insane creeps will do it everywhere. it will quickly become a prison system. this idea stinks of the type of moron who regards ''the lower classes'' as some muck to be exterminated…

  11. Apparently, Oxford Council currently has no plans for 'exemptions' to their 'Peasantry Movement Restriction Scheme' – Obviously, no matter how miserably this enforced '15 minute Cities' project fails, it will no doubt be declared an absolutely roaring success by Oxford Council, the UK government and the media.. After all, they can't further their agenda on the back of a failure can they ?.. But maybe they can.. Communists always seem to manage it..

  12. What if Grandma and Grandad live 20 minutes away. It's pretty hard to lug bags of groceries home on foot or a bicycle.These people are nuts. Remember how they built a wall around the Jews so they couldnt leave their area in the middle of a busy German City. All the people were allowed to starve in there and only about 1 or 2 people got out alive. Is sounds more like this is the end goal to me, not global warming.

  13. Who's going to control the delivery of the food coming into the areas. The WEF? China has let people starve locked in their Apartments. Food delivery can't be handed over to evil facists

  14. Restrictions upon movement should be 100% illegal, and i believe that we have the freedom to "Travel", driving is a corporate commercial term for business, that is wholly different in law. Take a leaf out of "travellers" (gypsy) understanding upon common law and you will see it is correct. One does not need a driving licence in the UK to "travel", only to drive, which the term comes from driving cattle/herds. This is why a police officer asks you are you the "driver of this vehicle", the reply should be no, i am travelling.

    My solution is to replace the council with citizens from Oxford who are opposed, complaining will not change anything, sack the council, they are public servants.

    Facts are air contains about 400ppm co2, plants really thrive above 1000ppm, a yield and growth increase between 30% and 50% depending upon what is growing.

    CO2 is an asphyxiant at high concentrtions, but they will never be near that level unless you pump co2 gas into an enclosed space with no form of regulating flow.

  15. Are these 15 minute zones fixed boundaries across the city or individual 15 minutes radius’ from everyone’s house? Is Oxford applying the concept of 15 minute walking time to this system past which you are unable to travel by car? The original concept proposes that all local services are available in a 15 minute walking radius, which means people should not need to drive beyond their zone. Most people who go out to work travel more than 15 minutes and need to do this by car over 200 times per year in a full time job. Your little thought experiment on the requirement for exemptions is correct and there would need to be so many that the scheme would make no tangible difference other than to fine some people and create an administrative white elephant. You touch on the important points (i) How can this happen without democratic approval? (ii) It conflicts with civil liberties and human rights (iii) How much is it going to cost? I expect that an outline budget has already been considered and is perhaps already approved. It will require a significant infra-structure; more cameras to monitor movement, new IT systems and a team of people to administer fines and exemption permits. It will also require analysts and managers to monitor the ‘success’ of the system. This must have been worked on by now as they will have to implement all these systems in 2023 ready to go live in 2024. Is this just a made up news piece or are there real actions being taken in Oxford now to make this a reality? I’d like to find out.

  16. Oh no.. “how will I make my daily visits to my elderly mother on the other side of oxford? “, don’t worry, Euthanasia is coming.. so you wont need to.

    Is it Time to ignore the tos-spots.. China emits 40% of global emissions, so the 20% of our emissions that comes from cars minus the exemptions will be negligible. Actually minuscule. Its pure communism, end of.

  17. I haven't seen the detailed proposal for Oxford, but it seems to me if they are trying to reduce car use and carbon emissions they are going about it in a strange way because people might drive further to a neighbouring town 10 miles away rather than cross into another sector 2 miles away.

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