The Insufferable Smugness Of The DNC & RNC

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  1. so, how dumb does that make you, kyle? you ACTUALLY thought brock turner was going to speak at the convention…btw, turner stopped being the “accused” after he was found guilty…

  2. Trump has tried to end the wars !!!!!!!!!! Be honest Kyle. The Repubs and Democrats voted him down on Afghanistan and the Dems went apeshit when he tried to leave Syria.

  3. I thought the RNC was nice and there running on the greatest economy in American history what are you talking about for such a smart guy some time your a real dumbass

  4. No, Kyle. The RNC and the DNC are proving how out of touch the American public is. They wouldn't be centering on those things if American's weren't responding to it. But that's what they respond to. No matter the situation, they will frame it as a left vs right issue because it is the culture war that generates the most enthusiasm among Americans. The policy of the left and the right is doing the crimes of their sponsors while blaming the competition for the fallout. Everyone always blames the top. I blame the bottom.