The Intercept Editor Caught Lying About Trump & Russiagate Again!

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  1. My nomination for 2020: president JIMMY DORE VP. Aaron MATTE, Secretary of the State Glenn Maxwell, Defence Secretary Tulsi Gabbard, Secretary for Finance Glen Greenwald.
    Planet earth and its inhabitants guaranteed to survive for another millennium!!!

  2. "I don't have respect for anyone in journalism except Aaron."

    The guy who was on your show covering for AOC about the stimulus vote by saying "She's in a pickle"? Yea, a barrel of integrity.

    Also, @4:53. Can this guy really not make a looped video for when he does interviews?

  3. There are a 'zillion' connections with the Russians……..Jesus Christ you cannot provide evidence for one…yet a 'zillion' abound….this is too hilarious….it is no wonder the left lose so god damn always….

  4. “What’s more embarrassing,
    “We got this one wrong…”” They didn’t “get it wrong”! They knew all along that it wasn’t real. It was obvious from the start. They wanted impeachment- at all cost. Damn the facts, full speed ahead!

  5. The Intercept is a good organization… you cannot call them all BS because one said something…! Greenwall, Jeremmy are like the Rocky Mountains of american Journalism..

  6. So you are all supporting Trump on this issue. Like the pathological liar that has received millions in "loans" from Russian oligarchs for years and suddenly all the collusion evidence is a hoax. Ya, you guys really know how to critique the nuance of Truth in journalism. Assad is an asshole and so is the imperial war machine of America, you do disservice to everyone who dies in the fight for liberty in Syria. Have you heard of the Arab spring perhaps this war is related? Being a contrarian does not mean you have integrity, it seems all you have is angry opinion. Progressives should be reflective but just hacking each other down is no way to move closer to an enlightened population, you just foment more anger and division.

  7. well my issue here is that trump obviously had connections to ukrainiana and russian gangsters , also italian mafia like sammy the bull gravano. the real estate developers in the tristate area in the seventies eighties. joey diaz on his podcast talks about it . but anyway thats common knowledge

    russian oligarchs blatvatnik and deripaska etc do launder money using trumps cronies like cohen manafort and stone, which is why those three are doing time

    but i never got any of this from rachel maddow….i never watch corporate media at all.

  8. She must have been doing that talk show while taking a shit. What the hell is “soft and loose” collusion??? These mutha F’ers make up stupid terms, daily.

  9. New Rule: If you're a grown fucking adult, and want to exaggerate numbers, use actual quantifiable numbers! You don't need to be a mathematician either! Google the numbers! Trillion, Quadrillion, Quintillion, Sextillion, ect…That way, at least you don't look like a complete dumbass kid!