The Intercept Gets 900 PAGES Of Covid Research PROVING Fauci LIED, Rand Paul Was RIGHT

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join researcher and prolific journalist (formerly of The Intercept) Zaid Jilani to examine the case of the breaking news out of The Intercept functionally proving that Anthony Fauci lied under oath, just like Rand Paul said.

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Guest: Zaid Jilani
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  1. So my question is this now that he's been exposed for lying what else are they hiding what are they really up to you and it's time for citizens of this country to be more critical thinkers and understand that we're being lied to and controlled and dumb down coronavirus was a weapon along with 5G technology it's being exposed

  2. Every white man in power currently is being/has been set up to fail spectacularly. The future is positive prejudice, divestment from patriarchal principles and subsidized identity protocols and paywalls everywhere.

  3. So, we all agree to acknowledge the truth. The left are basically liars that don't mind being lied to, as long as it suits their narrative. Oh, and a bunch of really dumb consumers who lack any self awareness, whatsoever.

  4. All of the infighting between red and blue about covid, abortion etc etc… Is exactly what china and Russia puts money into. These small channels or small influencers are paid by these count to get us to fight ourselves while they sit back and laugh and wait until we are at our weakest to strike. Wake up Americans.

  5. We've know this for several weeks, since the Fauci emails first broke. I swear and this is the American systemic issue, if Americans saw with their own eyes some guy shoot another guy in the middle of the street and the police report failed a chain of custody rule in evidence you'd rule the shooting did not occur and all be satisfied with that in a fit of national corruption.
    Forget trying to burn Fauci, yes the report says nobody should listen to that guy and he definitely should not hold any kind of public office, that's without question, but the point of this is the emergency powers of state related to combating the pandemic are falsified, clearly shown as an initial panic response by knowing agents involved in gain of function research which mischaracterised the virus as a deadly pandemic through prediction and expectation, which has been shown in fact to have negligible mortality in terms of biological weaponry or imminent lethal threat to the healthy general public by a viral pandemic. It is just a nasty illness unless you're particularly susceptible as a minor demographic.
    The point isn't falsifying Fauci per se, the point is it illustrates why governments responded in such an authoritarian emergency about the pandemic initially and falsifies their maintenance of such state of emergency as more was learned about the virus, as a simple reluctance to give up the immense power it has provided.

  6. The big issue about Ivermectin is about the vaccines. Due to mutation which was always expected of coronaviruses when in circulation, the vaccines have limited efficacy although even still is very good, definitely much better than nothing, but the trick of this little magic show is it doesn't particularly help if you still contract covid illness (by physical diagnosis and not PCR) the vaccine doesn't really affect things much for you at all as a breakthrough case (the virus has broken through the vaccination). How the vaccinations help is dramatically, by as much as a hundred times reducing the typical instance of contraction of actual covid illness through exposure compared to unvaccinated. It's a prevention bolster, not a treatment. If contracted, whether vaccinated or not the same treatment regimes would be sought, the same statistics of hospitalisation and mortality apply. It is contraction which is reduced a hundredfold, as statistics for the past three months show and no other factor. Well Ivermectin does precisely the same thing, as its use in India to protect health care workers has demonstrated in a published study, reducing contraction compared to the control body by an average of 90%, however it only lasts two weeks between boosters, the vaccines are more like some months.
    Point being given the vaccines have, in some cases severe side effects ranging from persistent discomfort to death and Ivermectin has none in safe doses and is cheap as chips, it does seem reasonable that both rationally vaccine hesitant individuals and those whom might propose to limit their likely exposure to the virus might prefer Ivermectin, or further research in a longer lasting protection along the lines of Ivermectin in preference to RNA technology vaccines hurriedly developed and let's say not rigorously tested for long term effects as yet, since deaths have occurred and there is talk of gynaecological issues with women.
    So understandably from an evil corporation point of view nobody wants to talk about Ivermectin and do want to keep vaccines in a vacuum of market monopoly in covid prevention. If you had a longer lasting Ivermectin procedure however, it would inherently be far better, cheaper and safer than vaccinations, whilst doing precisely the same thing.

  7. Freedom of the press is a very important aspect to democracy and our country, the fact that the Press is not doing their job is sad. The other thing Democracy needs (and to keep capitalism in check ) is the Lawyers. They need to set some of this shiz right.

  8. I suspect the virus was created in North Carolina then tweaked in Wuhan. I wonder how the DoD feels about the Chinese connection. Seems there has been little to no oversight. Fauci reigns supreme.

  9. I get frustrated some times when Tim reserves judgement on these extremely crucial topics but I will say at least he comes around when the evidence is overwhelming, except when it comes to the election the company that has a monopoly on the software that selects our candidates for us using versions of us that dont exist.

  10. Fauci is big, but he's just the front man – he's the media whore covering up and diverting attention which ever way he wants it to go. If things really heat up, Fauci will be thrown under the bus just as fast as anyone else to protect The Powers That Be…

  11. Remember when all the dumb woke progressive Cringey tiktok idiots Worshipped this man like he was a God and made songs About him saving us…. Yeah, that didn't age well

  12. Hard to watch this kind of stuff. Not because of the content of discovery, but because nothing will happen. There is no one to enforce any of these laws, hence why no politicians care about what they say in the open anymore.

  13. Difference is your thoughts on guns are irrelevant. The right is protected regardless. Not for self defense or hunting or sorting. It's specifically to " defend against a tyrannical government" . Very specifically every last possible weapon your govts military owns…you have a right to have to use during organized militia necessity.

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