The January 6th Lie that Won’t Die will Leave TDS Sufferers with Blue Balls

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  1. If there is one thing the Democrats have demonstrated time and again, it is their stubborn refusal to let go of an issue. They're still screaming about their right to abortions decades after Roe v Wade. The media is already putting out articles claiming if Democrats lose the next election it's a coup.

  2. Not even the most brilliant scientists in the world are capable of explaining the level of idiocy of any Leftist who actually believes there was an insurrection on 6th of January..

  3. Ummm. Hold up a second, you mean to tell me the insurrection wasn’t libs tring to shut down the hearing that was going on in the house? BECAUSE that was the result, they said we’re not going to hear about how Brandon’s team cheated theyir way into a presidency? I still remember. He never won.

  4. Styx, it's not about prosecution, it's about having it on the books. Amendment 14, section 3 states that anyone accused of leading or cheering on an 'insurrection' after taking office is not allowed to run again. The writing is vague enough that all the need is a House to rule it, and they have a case against Trump. Even if the GOP wins Congress in '22, what makes you think they would drag the system to stop Trump for fighting the case in time for '24?

  5. If you think the Jan 6th propaganda has been thick, wait till this Thursday rolls around. The legacy media will probably do a day-long anniversary special. It will be treated the same as 9-11.

  6. I no longer care what TDS Democrats believe or think anymore. I don't care what a roach thinks when I crush it with my boot. I look forward to the day that all people see the TDS Democrats for what they are, human garbage not worthy of living.

  7. Again they believed it was a violent armed insurrection.
    Muh insurrection lol.
    It pales in comparison to all the damages caused by Antifa and BLM.
    For nearly a year has the most casualties including looting and arson.
    Yet a bunch of unarmed supporters and protest and all there was is a single casualty after being lead inside only to then have a lone guard shoot one of them from behind a locked door and that it.
    Truly now the Narrative does not fit what happened.
    The people where their to cheer on Orange man plee to disregard the Recently put into place million ballots when absentee balance already existed.
    It turns out there were way more people voting that even existed inside the States.
    Many of the locations on the ballot were non none residents.
    They fortified the election alright.

  8. There was a crime, a white female died by the hands of the congress regime. She wasn’t a George Floyd or an O J SImpson and yet they’ll drop at nothing to stop whites speaking up and going into battle for their justice.

  9. Isn't it funny how so many Liberals who wrang their hands over Guantanamo Bay are perfectly fine with the way US citizens arrested in the so-called insurrection have been treated for the last year. We are no longer living in America. It has ceased to exist.

  10. Look at alex jones here. If that wasn't a terrorist attack on our election system I don't know what is. Filthy lying grifters. ashley babbit an example of how the only good terrorist is a dead one. Rest in shame!

  11. All capitol participants should be refunded and sue government for obstruction to liberty. Every american citizen is allowed access to government property to be heard and voice their concerns to those who only participated in BLM demonstrations.

    It was congresses duty to not flee but to stay and stand there and do they job!!!!!!

  12. Look who's throwing with the growing right-wing fascism. You once warned against this. Got to pay your bills, right…………….Dave of X22 learned early on how this army of ignants is so profitable. Fuck all of you.

  13. Makes sense the FBI would want to clear up that there was no insurrection. They wouldn't want people looking into their own involvement and how capitol police were just letting people in…or how badly it would reflect on Nancy Pelosi's refusal to accept back up or even order the Sergeant at arms to prepare. Why, people might think she wanted this to happen.

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