The Juneteenth Massacres

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  1. Those ‘old racists’, we were told about by every naive white liberal, did warn us that if you import the third world, you’ll become the third world. I think I would swap the word ‘racist’ for ‘wise’ and ‘life experience’.

  2. @14:10, I hear you, but riddle me this, can you explain to me that with the introduction of welfare over here we had no problem with it and we didn’t smash things up and crime didn’t go up until immigration came over and also enjoyed our welfare system. Why is it different for the black community where as the white community have never had the same problem with welfare de civilising them and in fact we were embarrassed to collect it originally.

    Maybe it’s because there IS a difference?!

  3. who would have thought? The folks who claim to be fighting for injustice done against us turn a blind eye as people take advantage of this and kill folks. When people finally come to their senses, we need to get every politician/ every activist who advocated for this and abort them.

  4. As soon as anyone else is partying with the ambulance, it's easy to imagine that you are allowed to party with the ambulance and it's got its lights on to celebrate along with you. There are other milieus where emergency vehicles and crews participate in a state fair or a parade for a celebratory or non-emergency function.

    But presumably the actual emergency responders themselves were trying to tell people that they had a real emergency and that message should have made its way through the crowd.

  5. Just when I thought we couldn't sink any lower, I see heathens twerking on an ambulance to stop the ambulance from rendering aid.

    But I'm some sort of istaphobe when I call out the heathens and say that twerking is gross and everything is way too hyper-sexualized. I guess I'm just not open-minded enough.

  6. I saw video yesterday of a car in the middle lane of 3 lanes of traffic. The car stops and a guy jumps out with a machine gun and just began shooting. I believe it was Chicago.

  7. Shooting a paramedic!? That's so insane it makes me think people believe they're playing Grand Theft Auto in real life or something! "Hey! A paramedic! Let's shoot him, hahaha! What fun! HAHA!!"

  8. For what it's worth, what they covered here is about as bad the subject of "unruly minorities" gets. It's all atrocious, but what you see in the news stories are an extreme minority. I live in Portland Oregon, which is very famous for all the riots, demonstrations, and violence that occurs downtown. The people involved in that are all white, and they too are an extreme (or perhaps "extremist") minority in the area. Just like nearly all Muslims aren't terrorists by any stretch of the word, neither are most of the people of the black community anything like what their extremists do/get on the news for.

    Additionally, you can't pretend to know what multiple generations of poverty and violence (which go hand-and-hand pretty much everywhere in the world) have on a segment of society. When you grow up in an environment where most people don't have two parents and no one even bothers to have a bank account because they don't have enough money to try and keep safe, it shapes your views of "right" and "wrong" very differently than a person who had a supportive upbringing.

  9. I can't say I enjoyed this video. I will say that it was quite informative. Very little of what you showed made it to national level broadcast news. That's a bit odd, isn't it? You would think the mainstream media would be proud of what the people they purport to represent are themselves proud of.

  10. I believe that the Puerto Rican woman whose husband/bf was executed, has died as well. So horrifying, and now their poor children have been left without parents.

  11. The interesting thing is that they could sell Junewteenth as a day to BBQ and spend time with your friends and family and people would not oppose that. Ads, media and pop culture have a lot to do with this, but the pop culture that is adversiting Junewteenth sells… This.

  12. Juneteenth is a Federal Holiday that Biden declared like a month prior (or something, didn't really tell anyone) based off of some unofficial celebration in the South of a day that the last African slaves were finally informed they were free.

    Interestingly enough Critical Race Theorists and other Black activists would claim slavery/oppression has never ended, so I still have no idea what this holiday is or why.

  13. Sargon: the left always makes excuses for their behaviour, blaming society at large

    Also Sargon: yeah their behaviour is due to welfare and other factors of society that are to blame

    This, kids, is why liberalism is just an ouroboros. Comes back full circle to eat itself.

  14. So, this new "Juneteenth" lunacy, which no one had heard of until last week, is a long established holiday in the USA? It's only a matter of time before this date is turned into The Purge.

  15. Fatherlessness,divorce and huge drop in Christianity,church attendance has decimated the black community. Just go back 50 or 60 years and this behaviour wasn't around.

  16. "Growing popularity." In other words, sudden and widespread mention is made of this "holiday" by major news corporations, misc media outlets, and the Federal Government all in a short space of time. Very organic!