The Jussie Smollett MAGA Massacre (And Other Fairy Tales)

Roving MAGA Gangs! In Chicago! In a Blizzard! At 2 am!
And just in time for the ‘victim’ to release an album!

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. Indicted on 12 federal charges, it must be nice for him to live in a country where he has to create his own "hate crime" to fit a narrative and pull on liberals' heart strings.

    I absolutely love that the police chief is black to and just like "what. the. fuck." I don't get it though, black people are like "yeah, let's band together and we are our own strength." Then there are scenarios where black men and women are successful and they're all like insert trump meme "you weren't supposed to do that" and they proceed to oust them as white sympathizers. What the fuck? Have some motivation, I put myself through college through working long hours, studying hard and look at that, I own a house, have a fiancee and live comfortably, holy shit, imagine that.

  2. Ellen Page – “He believes in conversion therapy.”

    Actually he doesn’t. That claim is based entirely on one misattributed quote from his website nearly 20 years ago and he wasn’t talking about conversion therapy.

  3. that squeaky used penis balloon of an actress is really mad that colbert doesn't understand Trump and The VP are assholes. And that Jussie fakeed all this, payed his attackers. And the police actually arrested him for faking the whole crime in the 1st place. (prob. to get Smollete moooooooooooooore free advertising. )

  4. And spoiler alert: dude lied to garner sympathy because being a victim makes you popular.
    What the fuck is even happening right now? Even the most nihilistic predictions of the future didn't predict this outrage culture taking over. Although Minority Report predicted the thought police pretty accurately.

    Edit: I saw a video making the rounds on facebook around six months ago, which was pretty horrifying. It was a brazillian trans person being beaten while the attackers chanted 'fag', 'freak' and other nastiness (in portuguese obviously). It was awful, yet I didn't hear a fucking peep about it on the news. Not that it doesnt happen in civilized c(o)untries, but most of it happens in the third world.
    You have a reason to be outraged if you live in fucking Brunei, their king or emperor or whatever just made gay relationships illegal under pain of death.

    But for activists that literally frolick around with rainbow flags while they complain about being oppressed, they can go fuck themselves.

  5. I just realized, by Jussie Smollett having two black men wear MAGA hats, is the left admitting that black people might actually… like Trump?

  6. I only recently got the connection between David Carradine's Belt and the subject at hand. I just thought it was a random "I care more about this than I do of you, Little Ms. Waterhead".