The Kenosha Kid WALKS – A Righteous Rant

“Hey, kid! You can’t just kill people!
That’s the government’s job!”

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


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  1. Twas the evening of August 25th, when a young man presented a mean grinch with a gift.
    Freedom seeds counted to four, were given to a vile creature we learned to abhor.
    Rid the earth of the Peddo Jojo, tis was the evening that ended his mojo.
    This didn't however end the unrest, next skaterboy took one to the chest.
    This left the Kenosha kid a little bit dazed, the right bicep of Grosskreutz he erased.
    Of Rosenbaum, Huber and bicep we speak in past tense, mind you it was all in self defence.

  2. Colin Krapernick wanted to "change the system" before the Rittenhouse verdict, the verdict is nothing more than a unrelated excuse to pursue his agenda to "change the system". Apparently he wants self-defense stricken from "the system".

  3. don't let this distract you from the fact that Ghislaine Maxwell's court appearance has exactly ZERO photographic evidence of her even being there, all we have are "artist's interpretation" drawings
    seriously, they chose kyle's court date for a reason

  4. I just finished watching your video on Pulp characters and you mentioned a pulp work of your own Nightveil I think it was, well now I'm interested could anyone give me a link or tell me where I can go to read it?.

    Any help would be great.

  5. I guess its now legal to go somewhere armed, create a situation and then murder people. Shame the judge woulnt let them show his terrorist manifesto where he admitted that was his goal. But hey, you people that support him probably think it was a crime someone shot that bobbit traitor.

  6. Abolishing and dissolving a bad government is not sedition or terrorism. Our forefathers were called terrorists and murderers. These punks want us to undo our government how they want, because they are destroying it and blaming our forefathers. They want to remake it because they think they know better than thousands of years of enlightenment. This enfuriates us

  7. Got to say, the boy did right, he tried to save what they were destroyng, he tried to flee when assaulted, and he only shot in those who were a real threat to his life, that is the most self control i ever saw if trained he would end up a navy seal

  8. This cringy loser who never grew out of his 9th grade politics still has a channel? lmao. Dudes teeth are about to explode out of his mouth from his righteous indignation. Why don't you go back to throwing tantrum fits and harassing your girlfriend?

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