The Key Gas Pipelines Between Russia & Europe Just Got Wrecked…Biden’s Threat’s Didn’t Age Well

Nord Stream 1 and 2 are leaking gas into the ocean. They are damaged, maybe forever if they collapse. The damage is considered “deliberate”. Even if the U.S. didn’t do it, they will get the blame or most of the blame thanks to Biden’s threats.


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  1. Billions of us, and a few thousand of them. Both sides are clearly now working together, only those who are obsessed with disinformation can deny it. Conventional global war,the best business opportunity and completely the right move to ensure military preparedness in EVERY country. The fodder (us) is of little consequence when the wealth and burying of years of scams and crimes is the inevitable result……

  2. So they cut some of Russia's money supply, but also Europe's throat….and there will be a tit for tat retaliation, this is how wars start, in this case escalate. But I guess the hungry industrial war machine needs to be fed. (at the expense of ordinary people).

  3. I just… GODDAMN IT BIDEN. [Russia likely blew up the pipeline (which they're allowed to do, since _they own it) to spite the EU for not kowtowing to Russia's demands to recognize their referendums on the occupied portions of Ukraine]

  4. Hopefully a lot of people die…in America especially….then you'll understand the gravity of the situation. . winter is around the corner. . Should be entertaining to see what people think in December.,..🤣….. think global warming is something to worry about?? Let's find out how committed you are with the green new deal….I have my popcorn ready 🍿

  5. We've been doing this kind of things since the beginning of the nation. Whenever we want to expand the empire we make up some kind of Boogeyman as an enemy. This time however we're screwing with our allies. This isn't like blowing up a couple of North Vietnamese boats. This is messing with the stability of the entire European union. This White House, Pentagon and CIA have made a huge mistake.

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