The Kids are still in cages… and nobody cares anymore since orange man is gone

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  1. I'm 62 years old and I never thought I would hear from you folks what I am hearing. Gives you hope I busted my ass my whole life and have lived pretty good, I wasn't born rich

  2. I love my country and I love Donald Trump. What I hate is the division the left is purposely causing to keep chaos stirred up in this country. I hate that the left says we're conspiracy theorists and nut jobs yet they are getting by with all the things we are saying they're doing and act like it's normal and fine. It is good versus evil and it's getting worse
    I'm a peace loving person raised in the 60's and 70's but this crap going on right now is pushing my pacificity to the breaking point. We have to take a stand and take back our country before Joe Biden sells us completely out to the Chinese.

  3. It's crazy how many black people and hispanics sold themselves to Biden. Everything that was being protested last year is perfectly fine for them under Biden. I called out a few friends and family members on everything, they remain absolutely silent about it.

  4. All these kids are Democrat trainees whose every needs will be taken care of by American taxpayers, and they will grow up and be loyal Democrat voters……the ones who survive the Pedos.

  5. If Trump was still president it would be 24/7 Trump is evil, he’s a tyrant ,impeach, impeach, impeach. But since Biden is playing president not a peep.

  6. "Who built the cages, Joe?" Its way more believable trump didnt know about the cages the democrats built. then the democrats not knowing they built them. And the fact that fake news used photos from obamas era. to blame trump. proves they knew about it and never said a word for 8 years.Only said "Nope, no scandles here".

  7. My ex husband works for a union. While others get paid $15 for a job he gets $25. He told me he can’t work too hard because they need to take up the time. Like the union said it will take a certain amount of time and that’s what they billed for. So the supervisors get mad when they work too fast. He’s said he’s slept on the clock multiple times.
    Bad thing, he has to wait for the jobs to come in and he can’t go ask for a raise. The union has to get everyone a raise not just him.