The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Begins

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  1. His shooting was self-evidently self-defence. It is also, though, self-evident that he is guilty of unlawful carrying of a firearm. So that's what the sentence should be: guilty of unlawful carrying, but not guilty for the laughable murder charges. Anything else would be the result of political meddling or bias on the part of one side or the other.

  2. A skateboard isn't just a piece of wood. They have trucks (metal part with the wheels) that make getting hit in the head or neck potentially fatal.

  3. Wisconsin's law against minors possessing guns makes an exception for rifles and shotguns for teens 16+, so at his age, he was only forbidden from carrying a handgun (or an inherently illegal gun type.)

    And when talking about the race of the jury, I'd like to see the demographics of the county or other jurisdiction the jury is pulled from. Wisconsin is pretty White outside of a couple major cities.

  4. Why the fuck would you have that poor editor/producer guy scroll through articles trying to find what you're reading. That's stupid… Just share your screen… or if it cant be avoided – pro tip producer guy – just CTRL-F…

  5. Not only are Lefties trying to argue a kid defending himself from a felon and pedo mob of rioters is the baddie, they're trying to imply that suddenly borders matter and that nobody is allowed to move freely in the United States of America.

  6. Instead of allowing under age and armed children to go on the loose, why weren’t the police doing their job, which, as we are constantly being told by Antifa, is killing people of race?

    On a level of guilt, one has to ask why a child with a gun was on the loose in an area where there was obviously going to be a mob of potentially violent rioters in the first place.

  7. I have noticed with myself that I yawn uncontrollably when I am nervous or anxious about something.
    It usually dissipates when I am actually at the thing that I have been nervous about.

  8. If I was Rittenhouse as soon as I get cleared I would get a book deal and auction my AR15 which should give me enough money to retire somewhere quiet and live comfortably for the rest of my days.

  9. I hate the american justice system. Lets fight for defense and offense… thus awlays a disregard for truth simply by the submission of the people… Crooks with pens… and words.. and the jockey national corruption force. SO… justice shoudl awlays be about truth, without bias, until it is revealed, and leniency towards error.

    The entire scenario is messed up…

    Chasing a person with a gun.
    They shoot a gun behind the person moving away and running from them.
    They continued to chase, thus endangered.

    We can clearly see this that when he tripped, they the mob in questioned, attempted to jump stomp, smash with skateboard, adn create blunt force trauma, whislt the otehr person attemtped to bring out a concealed hand gun. He shot in self defence both shots. He if was aloose cannon could of shot the person with their hands up. So clearly he was in a heightened state of fear, and walked towards the police.

    Did not evade arrest as the media portrayed, he was evading a mob that clearly was chasing him and was forced to engage when he was cornered or tripped. There is no soudn reason of mind to chase someone that has not ocmmited a crime simpyl for holding a weapon, adn scream and chant and chase them as your movign from the scene.

    The first shooting between teh cars is difficult to see, but the close proxmity of the gun shot and perosn sprinting full speed behind you..

    How do you judge a mob..

    ALL ACTIONS of the mob are ocnsidered the UNIT, therefor ALL NOISES can be used as a means to justify an action by a person. Meaning evne though itsa person shooting a gun in teh air or randomly.. inside the mob, that hte mob is not addressing, they are colelctively targeting a group. LIke in warfare.. If they all had red coats and he had blue coats. He is an enemy.. Just iamgine the scenario with red coats and blue coats, we see the problem… All artifically created. He ws tired of unruly mob destroying his neighbourhood and maybe a place his dad works at…. so we don't know why he was there, but.. he did no prior action of violence…

    Again… I think teh entire scenario is the problem and the idiot consumer kids with te skateboard and the innocent kid ritten are in the hosue of the enemy, they use capital, influence, media and all forms to caral peoepl into an unsound system. The people that are guilty are plain nd right infront of you, the poltical system in america, all of them as a mob, should be enactated against and erased, both parties in america shoudl be dissolvled, adn during the succession of powers udner anrachy of reformation force a return to a multi-platform system, that is not allwoed to accept any money outside as it woudl be consdiered tampering with judicial govenring process of civilian governign duties. Taxes come into the house, why is any human donating money… ALL humans can make a party name and run with it… Infact those with teh least amount can run for office as logn as they meet the credentials.. See america is not free its udner various chains of incareation from various gROUPS. The catholics took over part othe space wing, the commerce saudis took over the part of the space wing, all finance and manipualtion. red verse blue.. they terrorist never left… they control life and death by creating good and evil games… and anyone normal is caught to chose sides of nonseonse, none ofwhich is of truth within teh concpets of reality…. so yeah a fucked up system.

    I mena.. that isa problem… now we have dead children, and ther are peopel laughing at hte choas they made…

    See I make a club, that club, then lets say is blue MA GOO, I incite them as I lead them to burn and raid my own community…. well epopel are goign to react either submit ot the nonseonse of the unrully mob that is fighting for nothign or take arms against the assailents because there is no more reason. Thus this is hteproblem of siding with mental illness becasue it attmepts to exist ina false vaccuum.. and erodes reality of peace and calminality, jsut liek the opression of women and the other lies in teh system white males are evil. but it has an imapct when peopel listen belive of follow without facts ot each individuals.. So yeah..

    No one is goign to jail over this if I judged, except the mob makers and writers and authors would be jailed… end ofstory..

  10. In 2002 in Seattle, a man used his skateboard to kill another man. It's probably not the only such incident. Skateboarders (and bicyclists) can be easily angered. The streets in the U.S. were not built for either. It frustrates them that their chosen modes of transportation are the weakest vehicles on the road.

  11. A couple of points of contention:

    If the self defense statutes specify that you have no duty to retreat, that is a "stand your ground" law.

    Rittenhouse knew grosskreutz had a pistol. It was in his hand when he feigned surrender…

  12. rosenbaum using his weapon on him would be the best thing he could do given his history he probably wanted some rumpy pumpy and the axles on skateboards are actually solid one or two good hits to someones head with that and you've KO'ed em at the minimal

  13. "Also the tape doesn't exist anymore"
    "Then why are you even trying to submit it as evidence then hm??? Sounds really suspect to me, I think we need a separate trial just for you so that we can try you for tampering with evidence."

  14. It not an easy win. They still have to convince a jury that wishes to defend the crooks that Kyle protected their community from.

    And the left will flip out anyway, regardless of how it turns out. More riots, because nobody in power stops it.

    Kyle's normal life is also over. He can never work a normal job because lunatics will always come for him. He has to spend the rest of his life suing people who slander him. That's a tough life. The cost will be high.

  15. underestimating the enemy is one of if not the biggest mistake “our side” has been making for decades. Cute title. But it reveals one of the primary problems that “they” have called the bluff on, almost without fail, for far too long.

  16. If their argument is he killed people because hes a "proud boy" and a "Nazi" he isnt a very good one since he only shot 3 of them. Surely a true raging Antifa hating white supremacist wouldve just opened fire on the lot.

  17. I'm prepared for the absolute worst case scenario, because I don't trust our Justice system. Kyle could very well be sacrificed at the altar of wokeness, and it's appalling to think of.

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