The Labour Files – The Crisis I Al Jazeera Investigations

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit uncovers the true story behind the “crisis of anti-Semitism” that engulfed the British Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn. It made him appear unfit to govern and led to a crushing electoral defeat.

An analysis of internal party documents, social media data and covert recordings reveals how senior Labour officials used the party’s procedures to undermine support for Jeremy Corbyn and to silence debate about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.
The files also show how pro-Israel groups ask the party to distance itself from the Boycott Divest and Sanctions campaign, a protest movement that seeks to end Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands, and how – in response – the Jewish Board of Deputies was assured that Labour would “never accept attempts to exceptionalise and deligitimise Israel.”

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  1. The Guardian UK pushed this fake story and have yet to utter a word about this documentary. Labour paid money to the fraudsters just to put a cherry on the cake. Starmer is a fraud and vomit inducing as is the UK media.

  2. Says under this video Al Jazeera part funded by Qatari government.
    What it doesn't say is BBC funded by the Establishment in UK.
    And the elite's agenda goes on…….
    Democracy? – who needs it not Rich Sooner.🤔

  3. I just so wish both Palestinians and Israelis could get along and share the beauty and history of that country. Perhaps there are other forces on both sides which interfere with the good intentions… and that might even be the same crowd that wants to take over every country that doesn’t agree with them. Religion is another problem and it shouldn’t be. Just keep NATO out and also make the place clean of guns and all other to destroy Humanity. See what Israel has done to improve life – the kibutz! Who says man cannot conquer and turn the desert into a luxury field of greens ?! Both Israelis and Palestinians have a lot to offer! Keep Governments honest fair to everyone. It is that simple ! I once heard that Palestinians were thrown out of their homes… If true, give them back what was theirs.

  4. Wherever the government's dont fit their agenda, they are infiltrated and dismantled used as pawns, accused by these vermin.
    Semite, a person or group who belong to the aramaic language. Basically from Prophet Abraham lineage. So what Israel has been doing to Palestinians is also Anti-Semitic. Israel has people working in high positions in majority of countries especially US. If they don't, they use their money to buy them out.
    Remember they see everyone as GOYIM.
    Uk politics is like 3rd world country with alot of money and a 3 piece suit.
    Democracy is dead. Follow the money trail and you will see where it leads to. Tax money in this country is silently given to israhell

  5. There was never any evidence that JC was an anti-semite, but it was obvious he supported the Palestinian right to self-determination. The whole things always stank of a smear campaign.

  6. This report is shocking and heads should roll in the Labour party. This is why freedom will prevail over the Earth. We have ways to fix our faults and our people are educated to do this. The dictatorships breed zombies; So sad. I'm an American, please criticize my Country. We can't wait to be better with your help

  7. corbyn was the victim of labour right wing and toties , i have 1 question. as an irish man why does labour and tories have a friends of israel branch ,you can only be loyal to 1 country

  8. I wept at this horrible injustice from right-leaning fascist bullies, just like many/most of our Republican Party here in the US and corporate Dems as well. In fact, it seems they all read the same playbook, all literally following the atrocious conduct of Donald Trump–he never was MY president. For a short time, it looked as though Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbin may have been world leaders, but the same fascist crowd took them both down.
    Thank You, Al Jazeera, for years of true muckraking journalism, the highest form.

  9. I knew Jeremy was got at .. he could have won if he'd been allowed to be himself. He's not anti Jewish at all not one bit . He could have won the election … standing up for Brexit… following his heart. A pro Brexit labour stance that was effortlessly anti racist and blatantly egalitarian would have beaten Boris who never truly wanted to leave the anti democratic E.U.
    JEREMY would have been great. Still would. While I am here… KEN LIVINGSTONE is an absolute sweetheart. Best mayor ever Bring these wonderful people back .
    Keer Starmer is a spook!!!

  10. Keer Starmer sucks… he's made a labour party that has NO real policy differences between the Tories… again!!! Bunch of Blairite warmongers… I bet the Israeli government with their secret nuclear button pushers are pleased.
    Great… but we really need Corbyn NOW!!!!

  11. I agree with most of this documentary and trust me I’m no antisemite but I’m sure it’s pretty public knowledge that the richest Jewish powerful men control the media and are having a negative impact on all of us as citizens- I think Jews are nice people but why are the most powerful ppl that own these media outlets are rich Jews I don’t think I’ll ever get an answer 😞

  12. Just remembering that I highlighted Al Jazeera's Labour Files months ago. They really speak to how the BBC pander to their masters and what they are doing to the Scottish Indi movment.

  13. "By way of deception thou shalt do war" Mossad the Israeli secret service moto. Sadly innocent Jewry could be targeted for the acts of a foreign government's syp maters.

  14. Starmer and his backers have managed to overthrow the biggest threat to the Establishment since the Labour party's creation and pulled it back into line……he was "made" just like the Mafia when he was instrumental in incarcerating Assange …..Sir Starmer has one eye on the House of Lords,as proud a Zionist as Johnson …..

  15. One of Hitler's aims was to end English and French colonial power, thereby extensively weakening them.

    To this aim he succeeded. 🇮🇳 😍 🇵🇰 😍 🇧🇩

  16. On the one hand I do not adhere to BDS & in fact nobody does in total honesty because the technology in all smartphones is Israeli technology, it's virtually impossible to completely boycott Israeli made goods and technology since society is built on it. On the other hand, I find international government interference by banning BDS to be wrong. When someone does a terror attack they are a terrorist not a freedom fighter according to some and not to others right. If you want a non violent form of protest, BDS is where it's at for Palestinians. BDS, Palestinian hip hop, that sort of thing, are non violent forms of protest. This is a good alternative to stabbing some random person in the street or blowing up a bus. If you take away their ability to express themselves in social movements like BDS then you push people's backs too much up against a wall and some will snap with no outlet to channel their feelings about the subject.

  17. I'm surprised more people haven't realised the Crown rules indirectly through their Intelligence Services: Moreover, why would a royal Sir be in charge of a political party set up by workers' trade unions? Not that I support socialism or communism; I'm against crony-capitalism and loss of market discovery, and rule by the unelected.

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