The Lancet, Prestigious Medical Journal, Erases the Existence of Women (THE SAAD TRUTH_1300)

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Written by Gad Saad


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  1. The Lancet has fallen a long way. I stopped taking them seriously when they published that drivel by Peter Daszak et al. trying to debunk the COVID lab-leak hypothesis–all the while, the authors clearly had nondisclosed conflicts of interest and may have been directly involved in funding the gain-of-function research that led to the pandemic.

  2. How did sane scientists allow this to occur to these once bright lights of reason and the factual knowledge, from 40 years ago.????? How did the very fount of reason become the end of it??? WHOSE FAULT IS IT? Who was not minding the store? HOW? Thank you Saad! Please speak of Yuri Bezmenov.

  3. Lysenko's biology is all i can think of. If these medical journals want to play in political issues, they are juggling their own credibility next to a cliff edge. its unfortunate that these long-standing institutions who turn their back on reality in favor of political correctness take so long to lose their prestige once they start doing this. hell, people still think harvard and yale are good schools to attend.

    always does this crap infiltrate, subvert, and ride the coat-tails of credibility in order to bolster itself. you never see it jumping into anything thats struggling in order to prop it UP with good ideas. only strong institutions that need weakened.

  4. Well said, Gad!! Debbie Layton, a transwoman herself, just wrote an opinion piece in UnHerd. She is also very alarmed at what the Lancet has done.

    In it she write, "Words matter, because if we change the words we use we change the way we think. In many contexts, sex has been replaced with gender and — equally troubling to me — transsexual has been replaced with transgender. In both cases, people are separated from their reproductive biology. That doesn’t help anyone live their life in the real world where sex does matter."

  5. As a former academic who jumped ship for private industry, I strongly identify with your comment "… I live in the ecosystem where all bullshit originates from — it's called academia." That is precisely why I chose to leave. Your statement meshes so well with a joke regarding the true meaning of academic degree acronyms that used to irk me when I worked as an academic : BS= Bull Shit, MS= More of Same, and PhD= Piled Higher and Deeper." That joke has now become a favorite aphorism of mine when discussing academia. Cheers, Dr. Saad. Thanks for continuing to fight the good fight.

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