The Laptop From HELL Is Back

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Written by Memology 101


  1. Because the media is owned by the leftist deep state and despite having rigged the election for Biden they could not allow the truth about Biden to come out…now that they feel Biden has been installed they are going to cause event when re e Diden steps down and Harris who could not get 6 votes in the primary for her party's nomination will become President and get to select a vp…Michele Obama

  2. Let's not forget about the Weiner laptop from hell. If you've got the stomach for it, look up Clinton and Huma video descriptions. I have no idea if the actual video is somewhere on the internet, but I have no desire to watch it myself. If there's any truth whatsoever to what people say are in these videos, dear God, these people deserve to suffer in the worst circle of hell.

  3. If Biden ACTUALLY takes office, it'll be interesting to see what the news media does. I think they finally realized that the people love Trump and that they don't want to be the obvious enemy of the people anymore. So maybe they'll continue their attacks on the presidential office (for optics only, of course) regardless of who he is. It was their bread and butter for the past 4 years, why should that suddenly change now?

    This Hunter story appears like it's their trial run to see how to handle that concept going forward. Or perhaps, they're beginning to realize Trump may win so they want some ammo against the loser.

    Or maybe just ammo to get Biden out so they can get Kamala in.

  4. election was a sham put up by the marxist media hiding biden family corruption
    the democrats knew this ,they took part in the conspiracy to defraud the American public of a honest election. even the democrat voters where disenfranchised of their vote

  5. I think ‘Hunter’ is Joe’s clone, tbh… i doubt anyone is gonna care his laptop is back, no one cared before the election either… it just makes their sick f*ck public feel less guilty about their own laptops from hell. They all say to themselves and each other “see, i’m not as bad as I thought” Hunter is making people feel better about themselves, cuz if the great Hunter can do it, it can’t be all that bad. Normalizing

    Grassley on December 10, isnt that literally the DAY after ‘states certify’? What kind of game are these people playing with us? ?“They’d stick it your face, let you smell what they consider wrong”? -Hey Man, Filter

  6. Worst part about a revolution is that the right would have to be the ones to stand up and fight but nobody on the right wants to hurt evey day LEO'S or guardsmen. But it's the only way once the criminals in charge call them to protection. And so many of the people who are fighting for truth and our freedoms would die so that the scum who wants to hurt us can continue living freely.

  7. The laptop “may” be back but you know as well as I do that nothing will happen. No charges, no trial and certainly not any jail time. If we had rule of law, then most certainly. But we don’t. We have an arbitrary legal system were laws apply to some, and not to others.

  8. Taking bets on the reason Harris becomes President (assuming the present legal proceedings fail), because of progressive dementia or because of Biden family corruption.

  9. It dose not matter they have stated many times joe is the costume harus is behind the mask. She works for Wallstreet. Joe and Obama are 100% China operatives.