The Largest Crypto Bankruptcy Just Happened…

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we return to the land of digital coins to witness one of the largest bankruptcys in the space topping over a billion dollars. This time we witness the potential fall of the Celsius network. Will it survive? Let’s find out! Thanks for watching!
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  1. Take a look at Celsius tokens top 100 wallets, its hilarious. Celsius owns like one third of the circulating supply of CEL, about 140 million $ right now, yet the daily volume is only like 4 million.

  2. Believe me, Muta, I've had my fill as of late dealing with banks. Not from any fault of my own, just the usual bullshit red tape that comes with banking. But, for all the crap people have to deal with banks, banking is like fixing a tooth. It's painful to deal with it but it heals over time. Now I have to thank my lucky stars that I don't deal with anything Crypto related.

  3. A company is just made too large, it's just like buying more and more stuff. Where does it all go? We could fix this and that, until it all belongs – [ somewhere]. However, can you imagine owning every dollar general tool through every Chinese toy…next to every Ryobi HP tool through Every professional grade toy…and paints, and bikes, and motorcycles? The business is HEARTLESS, not broken, he has to siphon money out. Lol!
    It's most easily described as a maze of burning shit, but ultimately it's hard to talk about the people responsible for any such maze of burning shit.
    Let's say you play basketball, LeBron James, he just knocks people over, even if he cared, he would get less accomplished. So there's some actual radius for any one LeBron James institute, I need to grab a repaired aircraft instrument, and do what I want, long long before LeBron Jamea gets back to me. Lol!

  4. So…… how many points is DOW up on stock exchange????🤔

    Yeah good for you, so what are you doing to make a difference?

    Thanks Muta. You have a decent way of putting these things* into perspective.

  5. I don't feel bad for all the stupid people which invest in cryptocurrencies, NFTs or whatever virtual money. All of these are worth nothing, and we kept repeating/showing/proving that crypto is a scam to the public.
    It's their problem if they've lost money by investing it into worthless stuff. They have no excuses. People have been pushing back this shit since day 1.
    If people lose money in crypto, it's because they're stupid, and that's that.

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