The Last Photo Ever Taken…

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at Artificial Intelligence and the world of photography and witness images that would take place once the world truly collapses. Chilling stuff. Thanks for watching!
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  1. I mean there is a bunch of people that like to climb into high places and it can be literally anything ranging from mountains and chimneys to cranes and skyscrapers. Some of them even have YouTube channels, BNT could be an example

  2. Everytime I see these ai generated images I think if that scene in iRobot where will Smith asks a machine if a robot can make a work of art like paint a beautiful picture

  3. If you type god a white dude with a fucked up face and blue suit pops up everytime its dope(no fucking clue if it still does it but that was what happened when I was fuckin with it)

  4. I think you meant Dall E mini instead of Dall E 2 Dall-E 2 can produce some high quality stuff, but sadly it doesn't have anywhere near as much of a meme potential as Dall-E mini because of its dataset.

  5. Yo in Ottawa, someone drove fast on a frozen rideau river, just to avoid traffic. The car cracked, and the person took a selfish while they were standing on the trunk as the car sank. Crazy

  6. Who would take a photograph in the middle of something devastating like that?

    Historical preservation. If it wasn’t a selfie it wouldn’t be shamed. But if a situation did happen like that, I think a photo of a person would be worth even more than just of the landscape.

  7. I wouldn't call programs like this AI. It is just a program that is as 'smart' as the code written, no intelligence or self-awareness present.
    AI = is aware and creates independently, without prompts or inputs from others/otside
    programs = code that react/execute tasks when given input/prompts

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