The Latest Speculation on the Wuhan Lab Theory w/Jack Carr | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1467 w/Jack Carr:

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  1. Why didnt you guys talk about the NOVEL written in 1981 that says this was going to take place in 2020 and where it was going to be developed because you was threatened and you cant speak truth

  2. I never saw the value of quarantining people in their homes for months. Was the idea to allow hospitals a fair chance at dealing with first victims of the virus? Sooner or later (it appears sooner) people will exit their homes to do whatever — even if it's an opportunity to protest/rebel/whatever. So, eventually we will all be exposed to the virus and each of us will make the best of it. If that's the case, I don't see much of a case for keeping people sheltered in their homes. Doing so wrecks the economy — is that part of the equation? There seems to be a growing trend of influence that suggests keeping people inside their homes does more damage than good. No one has promised us a viable vaccine before the end of 2020, while a "cure" may never be possible. And I don't know about you, but I'm not trustful of the CDC or WHO, let alone my local no-nothing governor or mayor.

  3. china you work ten years you can buy a house / first constitutional law it must be better for the citizen this year than last year and we are liable as politicians and civil servants with our careers. 1 paragraph state constitution

  4. and fort detrick the 200000 thousends influenca death in the usa 2018 th usa have as only country in the wold bio weapons – you are the bad actor

  5. It’s so obvious it came from a lab in China. The scientists that study covid 19 are saying there are obvious markers and evidenced that this virus was tampered with by humans. That’s a slam dunk guys it came from a lab.

  6. you don't track flu deaths. you compare deaths during flu season vs deaths during non-flu season and the increase is considered to be flu related. When you add in a pandemic, it makes that method complicated. Once you have a baseline, you can compare deaths during flu season year over year and do relative comparisons to gauge the number of deaths.

  7. It’s not that COVID is the deadliest virus and that is not what the medical profession is saying. They are saying COVID is profoundly contagious which leads to mass infections and a overwhelmed health system

  8. All China has to do is kill off anyone that has the virus now and they win, while the rest of the world spreads it amongst itself, they have a huge population so CHINA WINS THE WAR AND THE WORLD

  9. Even US studied viruses and diseases like Coronavirus and many more in the 60is. US Military Bio-Weapon Research branch of US Military. Remember when Iraq had Nucleur bombs? Yeah me neither. Or Bill did not have sex with that woman. Or Bill were never on Epsteins plane specificly 23times or what it was. And oh yeah and Epstein killed himself. ? And Wuhan lab is the leak of it they have studied it there for about 20 years trying to make it to infect other species. Death statistics pretty much match earler years death count week after week from all kinds of diseases incl flu. So that people shout plandemic isnt so fucking odd. Governments lie constantly.