The Latest Vote-Buying Democrat SCAM!


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  1. Just another Big Bank Bail out in a candy wrapper for the peasants form our great overlords in government to raise the next years taxes to cover the "Green New Deal", AKA "The Build Back Better Deal".

  2. College is a great and wonderful thing if you know what you're doing. They don't teach kids the right way to go to college and no one tells you you have to learn it for yourself maybe they should have a seminar first. You need to decide whether or not you even need to go to college. You need to focus on what kind of job you want to do and what it requires to get the job there are a lot of jobs that require a college degree or a Vo-Tech certificate. But you have to know the right classes to take or you are wasting your time. You have to know from the beginning you want to go into nursing, or become a doctor. Whether you want to be a paralegal or a lawyer, a counselor or some other kind of profession that requires a specific degree. Next you have to know if there are even jobs available in the market that you are interested in. If you want to be a lawyer but there are too many lawyers and the odds of actually getting a job as a lawyer is extremely low maybe you need to rethink what you want to do in life. Some people will have a passion for it and try for it anyway. But just taking the class because you think it makes a lot of money and you have no idea what it is all about is stupid. People really need to be focused in on their goals prior to going to college. A lot of these liberals go to college and change their majors several times. That's because they have no idea what they want to do. Someone like that does not belong in college, people like that need to be on a hiking trip in Europe working their way across on their Adventure and if they survive the adventure maybe then they know what they want to do. And being liberals we kind of hope they will go through Islamic countries so that they get a more clear and concise understanding about their party and how it works. I went to college. And I got scholarships for everything I didn't have to take out a student loan. There are a lot of Grants and scholarships out there to begin with there is no reason why most college students can't attend a community college for the first two years. They just need to find out which courses will transfer, and chances are they can get a free ride or a nearly free ride for the first two years of college. And when they graduate they'll still have the degree from the big college but it will be a quarter less then what it would have been. But that's a problem too as Liberals are non-thinkers

  3. Let's not spend any money on Ukraine. After all, they're just a democratically elected government striving to stay a free and independent people. Against whom Putin is committing a genocide the likes of which the world hasn't seen since WW2. However, since Biden is going to spend that money no matter what, let's just sit back while Biden searches all of Africa to find two countries that hate the US almost as much as they hate each other and instigates a war there. There we won't have to worry about upsetting Putin (he'll laugh at how incompetent the Biden admin is). You know, because Putin might attacks us or something. Biden will fund both sides in the war, just like they did in Afghanistan. Later on, we can fight a nuclear war with Russia, because Liberal Hivemind doesn't want us to contribute to whatever nefarious plans Biden has in Ukraine and doesn't recognize a God damn bargain when he sees it.

  4. I went to community college for a technical degree/certification in Information Technology/Computer Tech. Companies are looking for hands on training rather than some inexperienced booksmart employee.The certification programs are more promising than these wasteful degrees that cost thousands.

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