Prep explains how to fill out your SWMS
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  1. Its all word games they will come up will a crafty bullshit excuse.. the job keeper had it in fine print that if you received money then mandate vaccine in workplace or pay the money back. The angle to me is all those people who owed so much debt for business homes cars credit cards ect agreed knowingly or not. The individual personal debt was used against the entire nation. A majority of the fools were so indebt what choice did they have an I feel they funked us an world governments/banks knew all this.

  2. Even if it removes the mandate the damage will be done. Children turning in thier parents strangers dobbing neighbours.the witch hunt is on they have resurrected the mob group fear. Australia fallows u.n. an outside unelected body .all politicians were rubbing hands together fir Trump to be removed so back to business and now cat is out of the bag even Trump could be considered ify. After Afghanistan they are trying to tag us all as domestic home grown terrorists.. its brilliant and as low as a dog. We are all in a huge psyop.. tomorrow California is recall elections and this may be where the world makes or break. If we lose the rounding up and shooting will Start.

  3. Just watched the union boss stooge 20 mins after this prep video and unions will be rolling over to mandates. Sorry to say is msds and Materials data sheets will not mean anything.. they will double speak and legalese it away. Unions were apart of the global communist order from the get go 70 plus years nature it is communist. He'll they call each other comrade in the upper ranks. Aussie unions suck

  4. I wonder if you would be then offered the AstraZeneca poison jab if you refused the Pfizer jab? The AstraZeneca safety data sheet is all filled. I would threaten to take them to court either way.

  5. Got asked today whether id taken the first or second shot or if I intended to take it.
    As a casual worker, I am fully expecting that "there aren't enough hours to me on" very soon.

  6. Thanx prep for that information I will be onto my employer for that safety data sheet and swim before I get the jab your a good man god bless you and your family keep safe👊

  7. My manager has ask me twice now have I had the jab and it’s not compulsory where I work now I’m ready if they do mandate it,thanks prep that information has helped me a lot.

  8. Work cover won’t cover people unless they know what’s in the shot. The insert that come with the shot is blank. I wonder why

  9. This could be the “Golden Ticket” we’ve been waiting for.
    We need to run this by some lawyers and put together a comprehensive step by step action plan that is tight.