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  1. What about airlines. Do the staff contact their unions? Unions have dropped the ball and Qantas is trying to mandate. Even lawyers supporting staff are asking staff to individually email Qantas management ???

  2. Is there similar actions to be used with so called mandatory issues related to entering businesses or being outside without a mask type issues? Thanks for the suggestions btw. OH&S trumps just about everything in authoritarian bureaucratic power these days.

  3. Mate, this is fucking AWESOME!!! And so simple. Can u post urself on Bitchute & ur vid as am worried ur gonna get pulled down & everywhere i share this will be for nought? Can u let us know ur Bitchute link to it when u do too pls ?

  4. Mandate… Is governments ability to place responsibility for something upon which entity they apply it to… This is an attempt to remove responsibility from government over anything that happens once it's applied so any adverse effects… You could sue the company. Take mandating mask wearing for shops, how many have now invalidated their insurance for theft as they are making customers wear masks so they couldn't be identified facially on video… This is to aid in the creation of a police state.
    You might want to check my last upload… Covidian Crumbling World Order… Under ownership and authority it can be shown that there is no 'novel' virus due to the Realm of the Commonwealth and it's governmental Tennants and employees.

  5. God bless you for this very informative and powerful information. I have been stressing as I have a mortage and thought I had my hands tied…. Shared already with over 20 of my friends. God bless you, guide you, protect you and your family and fill your life and home with peace, prosperity and many blessings

  6. This is your best video by a long margin. I'm so glad I stopped by. All along while watching I was freaking out that YouTube were suddenly going to delete your message! I must be getting paranoid!

  7. This is great information PREPAUSSIE. On the other side of things if you are find for not complying to the public health act, when you go to court ask the court for science data that shows that Covid-19 exist. Patrick King in Albert Canada was find $1200.00 Canadian dollars for not complying to the Alberta Public Health act. Patrick King said that he would comply to the health act if he could be shown scientific proof that Covid-19 exist. When they went back to court the Alberta Public health department said that they could not give Patrick King the evidence that he required, WHY, Covid 19 has never been ISOLATED. Patrick King won the case because Covid-19 has not been isolated, Covid-19 DOSE NOT EXIST. That is now on record for the world to use. The only virus that can be isolated is Influenza A and influenza B, that includes Sarg 2 virus, that is the result of 7 top scientist in America. COVID-19 IS FAKE, IT DOSE NOT EXIST FULL STOP.

  8. The covid world we have now is completely opposite to what we used to have pre plandemic. The authorities can find a way round any rule that doesn't fit in with their control agenda. Plus I doubt that there is a true document telling you what actually is in the jabs. Big pharma doesn't have to comply with anything they don't want to. 'Safework' is govt and it will do as told to by the V loving authorities.They are all in this together, they know the narrative.

  9. Can you please elaborate how children can be protected from the V. You said Act only covers above 16 or 18. So can you make it clearer as have two kids under 15 at school.
    Awesome info brother

  10. They cop they said got hit, you would think, by the media description, that he was hit with a bloody grenade… also that cop should get an academy award for his performance…. No blood, not even a rumpled shirt…great actor…. Not the first time..