The Left are Sure They’ll Win

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  1. There's a brutalist style church in Michigan called St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church. It's quite literally the ugliest building ever created.

    When my family was on vacation there, I wanted to see what my six year old daughter would think about the style because I want her to understand aesthetics. I had never brought it up, and didn't give my opinion on it. We pulled up to it and she said

    "I don't want to go in there. Its ugliness scares me. Why would anyone go to church here?"

    I told her to always remember that this type of aesthetic is the extent of Communist imagination and skill.

    She asked "Dad what's a Communist?"

    I told her "they're destroyers of beauty and civilization and unfortunately they're everywhere because too many parents don't do what your mother and I are doing and show how pathetic their minds are through the fruits of their labor"

  2. History shows that progressives ruin EVERYTHING they touch. They lie and make up definitions of words to get their way, and mischaracterize the conservative viewpoint to get smooth brains on their side.

  3. Leftist: Progress is regressing to an ideology that dominated the 19th & 20th century, and hedonism is a relatively new phenomenon invented by freethinkers. No one tell them real socialism has indeed been tried, and religion was created and popularized by the progressives of their day to teach a hedonistic society that there's a better way to live your life.

  4. They only like western countries because those are the only ones not yet ruled by authoritarians. It's the only place where they can have the freedom to push themselves towards becoming a new dictator.

  5. why do u always attack traditional values? whats wrong with cultures and traditional gender roles like women raising kids and men working like theres nothing wrong with women wanting to have kids and theres nothing wrong with men being men as they like to say there is

  6. "The Left are sure they are going to win." That's just another way of saying that the Left are confident they will successfully achieve global suicide.

  7. It's hard to lose when you're able to convince most of society that a socialist art student who thought he was victimized by the world, especially jewish capitalists, and believed in huge government controlling every aspect of business and your life is FAR RIGHT.

  8. Unfortunately your premise is incorrect. While traditions may occasionally be solutions to problems we forgot we had, sometimes they are solutions to problems we no longer have, and sometimes they are solutions to problems we never had. And unless the receipts can be provided and shown for the necessity for a tradition, it should be regarded as the latter.

  9. I'm not sure about the UK, but in the US the overton window has definitely shifted Left. The author of this article leaves out that the Left has become more authoritarian. This is what we need to highlight if we want to win over normies.

  10. Brutalism? Oh dear, the name Le Corbusier name' should be cursed throut history (a Fascist sympithizer), he brought this horrifying architecture on us and made sure almost all Architecture schools teached this, his diciples made sure that structures were built in these styles only over the 20th century..
    Curses on him and his interlopers…

  11. They aren't taking into account how now they've gone way too far, backing blm and pushing anti-white stuff was the final nail in the coffin for them.

  12. "If you want a different society, then why live here?"

    This needs to, unironically, be the rallying cry of the right wing in the west. You want less white societies? Leave white countries. This doubles for self-loathing whites.

  13. The Black Country and West Midlands are in no way represented by that hideous city centre architecture. If you could strip away everything built since about 1960 you'd be left with something decent, human-scaled and liveable. Naturally there was a delayed rush to fill in the gaps caused by German bombs, and then a crazy free-for-all for Lord Foster and his chums to make their grand, empty statements and blight the skyline. I have the same feeling of repugnance looking at those images as looking on Canary Wharf every time I approach London. Somehow humanity would be served by their dismantling in controlled explosions. Its always the case that the tallest of these penis-enlargements is always an Insurance company.

  14. The left seem to be winning. People have become lazy and blame others for problems in their lives. This plays into the lefts agenda as they are more likely to rely on the government.

  15. Maybe the reason why The Left are constantly parroting that history is on their side is because, aren't they the same ones running the schools, revising history in their delusional image (totally ignoring reality's penchant for natural course-correction)?

    I guess that's also tangentially why The Left mirrors a lot like CCP China–given how far and wide the latter's been infiltrating and teaching their Orwellian ways of thinking about history…

  16. I'm in the environment sector (hence anonymous social media) and have been face with shock for not being pro mass immigration. 21:00 is literally the exact argument I give to the brainlets that quite quickly go quiet.

  17. The left always wins in the end because they reward vice and punish virtue.

    It really is easier to just give into your base instincts, especially when the authority claps along like trained seals.

  18. Well they HAVE been winning thus far so I am not sure they are wrong to be confident. However, I suspect the push back has just begun and what we see now is nothing like the possibilities if the right people decided to apply themselves to fighting the awful lefties

  19. The Leftist: Things have only been done that way for thousands of years because they've been done for thousands of years!

    Everyone Else: Traditions are established when the pattern of behavior they exemplify is demonstrated to be effective in solving a problem or promoting stability or success.

  20. Perhaps I’m pessimistic but the left is clearly winning. They’ve infiltrated every institution that’s “respected” and they clearly have the wealth to spread some culture globally. Most normal people under 30 will support at least one leftist position out of ignorance so the futures looking pretty bleak.