The Left Continues To Fail Women & Destroy Lives

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  1. Thank Left-Wingers for all of this. If we were under a very Right-Wing, God-fearing Old Testament government, this guy would've already gotten the Guillotine, straight up. During the good old days, in the times of the great theocratic kingdoms and divine right holy monarchies who lived by the Old Testament, if a woman of a family was either raped, beaten, or murdered, the immediate male family member(s), be it the brother, father, son or cousin, would be given the permission to seek vengeance on the culprit who did it and avenge her, corporally punishing or terminating them. Unfortunately, we don't live in a very Right-Wing country anymore, where the safety and protection of women is 100 percent assured as it once was. Another reason why women were much more safer under a very right-wing society was because of family, as western right-wing societies and cultures stressed the inherent value of family, having hundreds of thousands of kids, creating countless generations, as it completely stems from and revolves around our religion, Christianity, and teaches the importance of it (Genesis 1:28, 9:1, 9:7, 9:19, 35:11 and 48:4, Leviticus 26:9, Deuteronomy 7:13 and 28:4, and Psalm 127:3). If a woman had a large immediate family and extended family filled with men, whom may also have small or large connections to other families filled with men, and those families having affiliations with other families of men—some who have wealth, power and control, work in hard and rough blue-collar labor, and others who served their people and country in law enforcement and the military—she knew her life was in good hands with all of that muscle, power and testosterone around her, keeping her safe and sound.

    As those men are bound by loyalty, honor, respect and piety, assuring those women protection and guardianship over them by their familial masculine relatives. But, as I said, unfortunately, we don't live in those better times anymore. As much as a lot of people want to go back to them. Believe me, I do. But, our society and culture doesn't value these vital, lifelong things anymore, and because of it's rejection of it, because our country has abandoned these ancient religious traditions and the basic inherent need, instinct and understanding of generational survival (breeding), you'll start to see less and less American families, especially large ones and extended ones. We're already seeing couples having only one kid now per household. In the 1950s it was two to five. Before that it was ten to twelve, and before that it was over twenty children per household. You can see the slow but gradual decline in having children over the decades and centuries, unfortunately. But, that's what happens when your life is too good, and you have forsaken your religiosity, and all the core values and traditions it has weaved around your entire culture and society. I'm sorry, Triss. I know I went off the rails with this one, especially, but I can't help it. When I see something like this, it takes me to a whole bigger picture of things relating to it, and I just have to explain it all, as best as I can, even if it challenges or shatters people's (false) perceptions of things, and their ignorant and hedonist Blue Pill reality. That's just how it is with me. But anyways. As I said before, it may take more than a hundred years to retake this country back from the DEATH CULT, again, if it's still here by then. See here —

  2. Love your voice but stick to comic books and Depp. If you are not checking all the facts and just reacting to the first couple of articles then spreading this information , you are part of the problem of misinformation.

  3. Very sad for her and her family. Very irresponsible of the Prison System. Protecting the public must take priority over protecting violent offenders. You have right to be angry, Hon.

  4. So i considered myself a democrat for many reasons but the democratic party and far left have lost their jargon minds. I’m tired of their victim mentality, their desire for anarchy, etc.

  5. It's awful and the worst part is they don't owe up to it. They blame it on someone else. But the Dems want to get votes and will back any group that will get them votes.

  6. I heard about that on the news last month, I never understood as to how letting a dangerous criminal out of jail during a crisis can make sense. I keep saying this, everybody will keep doing anything but the right thing.

  7. They want anarchy. They have to break America all the way down so they can incorporate it into the New World Order. This is on purpose and the people who are behind it are fully aware of what they are doing. Make no mistake

  8. This should never have happened. Were victims NOT given advanced notice? Pretty sure if there's an injunction on proximity a warning is required. Better yet, release non violent offenders to make room to keep the violent ones "quarantined" from the rest of us. As for this guy? firing squad, now. Let her friends and family do it if they want.
    There's something deeper going on here though. Releasing prisoners back into the general population while calling for the reduction of policing? This only looks like getting serious disorder going is the name of the game. Pretty sure its for the purpose of undermining the current president in order to make a pitiful candidate look electable.

  9. Yep, no matter if you lean to the left or the right, common sense should prevail, we all should be mad at this. This is so wrong no one who does a crime like this should be let go, the victim should have been notified!?

  10. I'd rather see violent offenders die in mass numbers by a virus than to see them released to hunt down and kill their victims. Sorry, not sorry.
    I guess the Justice & Correctional System does exist to protect criminals and damn their victims. Both systems are absolutely pathetic and are long overdue to be redone from the ground up.

  11. ?They are making people go into work as essential….What the hell…I'm not even going to comment .Don't want to hurt someone feelings….

  12. People like him inflict maximum devastation and it spread's like a nuclear fallout. She would've been someone's best friend or soul mate. Someone's daughter. Everyone who loved her will now be in a state of excruciating and irreversible grief. May those who released that animal never be forgiven.

  13. Ohh this boils my blood. I’m just going to say this. If your old enough. Buy a gun. Registered owner. And protect yourself, it’s going to get worse. :/

  14. Anyone accused of that crime with real evidence should never be released. This is a planned attack on the American people launched by 1 party

  15. I don't agree on 1 in 5. If that's the case they need to at least tell people of the predator. It would help in later prosecution if need be. If accused by others. If people knew a man was a predator it would change how the public sees them

  16. How these leftist Swamp monsters (Like Sarkeesian, and the Virtue Signalling Hollywood) wants to Defunct Police, "BLM", and letting all of the inmates out in their Democratic cities. Far, far away from their "Guarded 24/7 armed security/gated suburban communities far from an 0.01% chance of drug/alcohol addicts, gang related wars, drive bys, and crime waves. All Democratic, all apart of their Plan.

  17. …live the hot take Tris…I feel much like the black community now…they took advantage of a woman's plight by hijacking certain hashtags…but when the narrative flips on to someone on the left (like say a Joe Biden) you want us to forget the "believe the woman" mantra you've been shoving down our throats that few years.And the story you covered…the left is e endangering every single law abiding citizen in their cities by releasing these criminals back on the street for political's disgusting…and woman will suffer from the left abandoning them for the most popular "victim" group…

  18. Most of the jails are made up of nonviolent offenders yet they let out the most violent offenders What the fuck! , You did steal 3 hot dogs 25 years in jail under the 3 strike law , You killed raped so you can have a get out of jail card like its a fucking game of monopoly! We are talking about human life , They know the stats rates that he will kill but they still do it!

  19. If anita sarkeesian is so big on this they should have had him stay with her , Put a tracker and they stays with her where she takes care of them and helps them re enter the world. She would never say yes to that as she does not want to be raped are killed but she sure feels its ok for other girls to be raped and killed. She is not this stupid she knows the risks!

  20. Hi Tristen, I don`t know whether you have seen any, but so far, I have not seen any outrage mentioned by the #METOO movement about this, suspiciously quite, if that`s the case. When it is particularly important & could make a difference, nowhere to be seen.
    Of course, it could be because they are all Democrats, (I would not know), as it was choices made by their parties representatives. But, once again, if they have not, it shows that movement was more about something else (power) not helping ordinary women.

  21. Oversight? This was no oversight. This was intentional. They want to destroy lives to set up their agendas.

    I would bet money that this guy was part of some governor's-ordered release of hundreds or thousands of prisoners or something. There are several Demonic-rat governors that are doing this kind of thing, releasing untold amounts of criminals who have no business walking free because of the viral crown. No doubt in my mind every state that has such an order has at least one innocent person who's been hurt or killed which would've never happened if these bastards weren't arbitrarily freed.