‘The Left Is Committing Suicide’ Chris Hedges Tells Kyle | Krystal Kyle & Friends

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  1. doesnt matter when elections are fake. See you next year spouting the EXACT same shit into the wind while still not getting anywhere. Here, have a thumbs up. Durrrr durrrrr durrrrrr kyle durrrr

  2. As long as the core of the left is made from the remains of Tumblr and Breadtube in its crippling and very much schizophrenic form exists the left-wing cannot act change on any level Nationally. It will always be subverted and funneled back into the establishment.

  3. This is a good concept but would do better with different hosts. Kyle talks over Krystal all the time even though she often has the more interesting points to make. Also during some of their exchanges, I can't tell if they're being funny or passive-aggressive with each other.

  4. Ayy, just read a short interview book with Chris Hedges. Both the right and left serve the small top and not the larger bottom when it comes to the American people.

  5. Big problem with "can we become allies with the right" They will use populist rhetoric, but an overwhelming percentage of them will go "That's communism!!!! Your a communist" Can we have free healthcare? "THAT'S COMMUNISM!" Can we tax the super wealthy? "THAT'S COMMUNISM!" and nobody has actually talked about that challenge. They WANT to talk the talk, but not walk the walk.
    And I f**king HATE HATE it when I see them argue "EVERYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH ME IS A GAWD DAMN COMMUNIST!!!!!! Oh, the news media and politics are divisive and are creating divisiveness." Your gonna call me a gawd damn communist, BLAME ME for "all the countries problems", tell me I am what is wrong with America, it's all my fault and expect me to shake hands?! F**K YOU!!!!!! YOUR THE ONE WHO IS BEING DIVISIVE!!!!!! They BITE my f**king hand and then expect me to shake hands right after. YOU JUST F**KING BIT ME!!!!! I AINT GONNA BE YOUR F**KING FRIEND!!!!

    WHERE ARE THESE RIGHT WING POPULIST?! I don't f**king see em. 99% of every single right wing populist I've come across who agrees with me that yes, the rich are terrible and bad, yes we need to end the corruption in politics, yes we should get free health care, etc. All of them don't believe in the actual solutions, in fact they claim the solutions are "communist" solutions and they don't propose ANYTHING that would actually f**king SOLVE the problem, and they claim anyone who is on the left is a "communist". SO WE DON'T AGREE!!!! WE DON'T AGREE! Ya, we can agree on the fact that there is a PROBLEM, but we sure as f**k don't agree on the solutions, and they insult me and then expect me to be BFFS with them. Fuck that.

    That being said…..I do think the left should be far more inviting to the right wing. If I were to run for president I would make it a priority to appeal to ANY AND ALL Americans, even whteSprmist. Basically I'd argue "I don't care what you think about race, ethnicity, abortion, religion. I don't care if your an axe murderer. DO YOU WANT FREE HEALTHCARE?! YES OR NO!? Do you want better paying jobs? YES OR NO?! Do you want me to end NAFTA? Yes or no? If yes, then vote for me." and I would embrace any supporter and when the media goes after me "you got these evil people supporting you?" My response would be "Ya, isn't it great?! I love it!"

    So yes, I don't think we should write them off, I am just pointing out a major problem and Kyle saw this him self. He saw this same b*llsh*t when he did his commentary on Vice's interviewing of Trump supporters. Where Kyle calls them total f**king fake populist hypocrites who are confused "there's no solidarity here." "That's another contradiction" "so I don't have any sympathy for THESE people." but those apparently are the MAJORITY of the populist right. They are totally f**king confused. They will make populist statements, but they aren't populist what so f**king ever. In fact the Vice interviewer even tells them he's seen the right shift to using populist rhetoric. At the end of the video, the Vice interviewer asks them "so lower spending" etc. Typical right wing ideas that gave gone on for decades that are as Kyle put it "The establishment agenda". Kyle: They're contradictory. YA! THEY ARE CONTRADICTORY!!!!!!! So what the f**k are you talking about? What world are you living in Kyle?! That Vice interview is the epitome of the right wing populist shift.

    Yet you keep ignoring this!!!!!!!! When are you guys gonna actually f**king address this?!
    The overwhelming majority of right wing populist are FAKE. They talk the talk, they don't walk the walk.
    TJ Kirk is 100% correct when he made fun of them " The elites are satanic multi dimensional p#d0*l lizards who have brainwashed the populace with advanced mind control techniques!!!!!!!!!!!!! …….And I am strongly AGAINST raising their taxes.' Come on, they earned that mon- the space lizards who brainwashed us EARNED the money, okay?!"

    So can we please be honest and talk about this?!

  6. “Maoist” control of speech? Im not a maoist, and i don’t normally defend them, but i know enough about maoism to know they are the most devout “mass line” populist form of leftism there is. To the point where the working class opinions ARE the opinions of the working class movement. Chris may be smart, but he doesnt know fuck all about socialism.

  7. That's why as a lefty, I am against the vax (mandates and passports). They are against human rights. The Right has been correct on this issue from the very beginning. It is time for the Left to join them and demand accountability for the corruption of the FDA, CDC and NIH. Bigphrama needs to be destroyed once and for all. We can only do it together.

  8. Wow, what a trash take from an otherwise very intelligent man. He completely ignores all of the on-the-ground activism the left has engaged in over the last few years, from volunteering for progressive candidates like Bernie, the squad and others to organizing strikes and working to bring back the labor movement, and just plays straight into the alt-right's framing of the left as "all just woke-scolds on twitter", ignoring that the woke-scolds he's talking about are liberals, not actual lefties.

    Also, yes, I'm pulling this card: It's very easy for him, as a straight cis white man, who has never been and will never be the victim of right-wing bigotry and hate crimes, to say "Yeah, I know these people on the right hate your very existence, think you're less than human and want to see you deported, enslaved or killed, but get over it and build a coalition with them if you want to see a better world!" How about no? How about: the world we want to build doesn't include the vile bigotry that conservatives spew? How about: right-wingers can join us in a coalition if they renounce their heinous worldviews and agree that everyone should be treated equally? It's really not that hard.

    Even putting the idpol aside, there can be no solidarity with Trump supporters and Q cultists, who believe things that are simply not real. How are you supposed to build a movement with people who believe the election was stolen from Trump (despite zero evidence of it), believe that climate change is a democratic hoax and that masks and COVID vaccines should be avoided because COVID is either not real or not that bad (despite an overwhelming majority of the world's scientists and doctors saying otherwise), and believe such on-the-face insane things as "JFK junior's coming back from the dead and is going to run for president with Trump!"?

    We can't build coalitions with people who refuse to acknowledge reality. Also, for any pedantic pricks who are thinking of replying with a snide "There is no objective reality, just perception" or "Who decides what's real? Who watches the watchmen?" Get bent. You know what I'm talking about.

  9. It's all fake and even when people support a leftist like Bernie it gets rigged then he rolls over and takes it, so may as well support right wingers and their terrible policies because at least they won't scream at you about transgender pronouns and won't take your rights away with Vx mandates. Yes everything else they do is awful and I hate all their other policies, but there's no left wing alternative in the States and this whole third party thing we all had hope in isn't gonna happen and if it does it'll probably just end up being a psyop to sheepdog you into the democratic party so whatever.

  10. Having lived decades in a tiny Southern town I absolutely and totally agree with Chris Hedges. Hillary’s ‘Basket of Deplorables” pronouncement was an outrage!

  11. The populist right isn't looking to build coalitions, they are anti-union and anti-government. Any policies the left suggests would just be considered socialism. "There's going to be a segment of these population that we're not going to reach" yeah 99%. I personally believe these people are hell bent on civil war. Read what general Paul Eaton has to say.

  12. The sky is always falling with him. The Libertarians are the ones with a immature look at things. It won’t change until the young grow again and again. Progressivism is the natural path as you see from the past till now

  13. It makes no sense to appeal to people who are so gone in their thought process that it would take years of their willing pertisapation to change. The conversation for years have been to appease them. The conversation needs to shift to appeasing us.

  14. 1:05………..See, him I understand. You have to pick a side my friend. Chrsi Hedges, if you wanna be taken remotely seriously politically speaking, or Vaush's little puppy if you wanna continue the pandering to the woke fringey crowd, which incidentally I think constitutes about 80% of your audience at this point. Used to be different, but now everyone can see through, and your majestic persuasive alt right conversion therapy capabilities have vanished into thin air.

  15. My pastor and I were in the steam room discussing politics and while we disagree with hedges on policy he’s an actual leftist with conviction instead of these blue check neo libs

  16. I consider myself broadly center right so I don't really mind the left continuing to fail forever but I'd still like to see them be better, so they can offer a counter-point to the dumb shittery on the right. The Republican party is utterly worthless but will absolutely trash the Dems just because liberal Idpol is so off-putting to most people.

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