The Left Is EATING ITSELF Alive Over Kamala VP Pick And Now Trump Will Landslide

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Both Harris and her dog Biden are symptoms. The Democratic party is diseased. Hate has made them mentally ill, the diseased ideology they've adopted is proof.

  2. I predict that if they are unable to avoid an actual debate, that the dems will push for a team debate with Biden sharing the stage with Harris, so she can carry him over the finish line. It should still be a major shit show, though perhaps a funny one. They would likely have to re-introduce Biden to Harris and explain their relationship and why she is there. Of course the media and the rest of the left would just bash Trump and Pence for intellectually beating up on a defenseless old man.

    Actually is there a running bet yet on how long until Biden is declared infected with Covid-19 and forced to step aside due to health reasons?

  3. People should be, and remain, aware of two things in November first is that this was the best the dems had to offer them, second is that this is representative of what they think you want or what they think is best for you.

  4. idk i normally agree with tim but on my social media people i know are praising a black woman is the vp so i don’t think the left is running away. yeah those that pay attention and remember what all she was a part of aren’t happy but the left hate trump so between the ones that was a woman vp and those that hate trump i bet this election will be closer than last time but i still think trump will win but it may be down to electoral votes and not popular. the left hate trump and they believe a lot of the lies. those same people voted for hillary how would voting for biden be worse in their mind.

  5. Jim Rickards recently suggested , admittedly a prognostication at best, that Biden won't even make it to The White house and will soon be replaced as the nominee soon.

    Democratic insiders will probably force him out of the race in the next week or so. hey don’t want to risk exposing him to the American people before the election. For Democrats, the stakes are simply too high.

    One public incident or serious slip-up is all it could take to kill his chances in the election. The American people simply aren’t going to elect someone who they feel is mentally unfit for office.

    Many voters obviously dislike Trump. But, no one could credibly argue that he’s suffering from cognitive decline.

    So what’s going to happen?

    The Democrat power brokers (Tom Perez, Donna Brazile, Valerie Jarrett, Philippe Reins, AOC, John Podesta and a few others) will get in a room and pick a new nominee.

    Biden will “release” his delegates, and party leadership will direct the super-delegates to support that choice. This will start a stampede among the former Biden delegates.

    The Bernie Sanders delegates will already be onboard because they’ll be part of the consultation. Then the new nominee will pick a VP and the “convention” will tidy things up. The race will continue from there.

    Alternatively, the power brokers could allow Biden to get the nomination and then remove him as nominee before the debates. That’s even easier because there are no delegates involved. It’s just an executive committee decision the candidate cannot refuse.

    Still, the process will be a shock to millions of Americans who’ve been expecting a Biden candidacy.

  6. Leftists have always been dishonest scumbags. Look what Dingy Harry did to Mittens Romney in 2012 over taxes. He admitted it was a lie, but worked so was ok. Democrats and most DC Republicans are horrible self serving people. Trump constantly poking them in the eye has been a wonderful 3.5 years.

  7. The thing about Trumps faults, is we all share them to some degree. Yes they're bigger, and more in your face. Hes rich though, and in the public eye, so of course it is. Everyone lies, way to many people cheat, and most people aren't very smart themselves. Trump is the every day American amplified to 100.

  8. I would have been a lot more worried had he picked Tulsi Gabbard ,I was seeing Republican Trump haters saying they liked her. She was the only Dem that I saw that actually had some good answers to the issues. She still a gun grabber, but wasn't half bad. I think she could have won over a lot more people who were riding the fence.
    I wish people would look into Jorgensen the Libertarian candidate she's got what this country actually needs. Everything she running on is what I would want for the country. Stop the 2 party system and vote Libertarian!

  9. We all pretty much know that trump should win,
    but that's if it was fair, but it won't be because the democrats will use every dirty trick lie An cheat in order to win, just as we have seen them do over an over again lately,
    I just pray they figure out a legitimate way to catch them cheating

  10. Kamala Harris a Black woman one moment and an Indian woman the next? No, she's neither.

    In any case, why does she want to identify as these things and why is it tolerated? Trump doesn't first and foremost identify as a White Scottish Man, he identifies as an American Nationalist, that's something Kamala and her ilk cannot compete with.

  11. It is a scam. They don’t mean a word of what they say. Folks say they merely want power. This is a total misread, or at least and incomplete one.
    They want to cleanse the county of anyone who disagrees with them. The destructiveness, and contempt is powered by a desire to eliminate even the tiniest spark of reality.

  12. This is a surprise to someone? From top to bottom, the way you make it in the democrat party is by compromising on principle. It’s part of the ethos of being a democrat, at every level from the street to the top. In every action or statement, principle is laid aside for expediency of the moment. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, deBlasio, Warren, Sanders, Feinstein, Boxer, all of them stand for nothing, they are not only corrupt, they are cynical about humanity and accept corruption as necessary. They condemn opponents today for what they praised their side and others for yesterday and the hypocrisy is apparently invisible to them. That same lack of standards exists in the democrat college student, democrat academic, the members of antifa, and BLM. They abandon and compromise principle in order to gain advantage, and they see nothing wrong with that viewpoint; no institution is worth preserving or respecting if it stands in the way of immediate objectives. It exists in every democrat, and it exists in every leftist. It is why the leftist media believes it can reshape the public’s perceived reality of political candidates, that they can make people think that biden and harris are decent, honorable people instead of the perverted, cynical and corrupt characters they are and their histories prove them to be with a simple paint job; they are willing to in fact fall for the deception themselves; they in fact act as though it is the right thing to do. It is why they believe that they can paint honest men effectively as evil with those same brushes, and it is good and right thing to do. The compromise of principle begins with echo chamber support of ideas without argument, shutting out opposing views, on to early political favors and ends with misusing humanity’s nature for personal or political gain. The end justifies the means is a statement of total lack of principle and willing opposition to ethical standards, and yet it is the core of the democrat and leftist ideology, the closest thing to a moral compass that they all have.

  13. I don’t get it. Trump doesn’t care about the environment at all. We’ve seen plenty of proof of that with his reckless destruction of environmental regulations, heartfelt dedication to fossil fuel corporations, and complete lack of support for clean energy. If Trump still has support, is that because his supporters also don’t care about the well being of our planet? Do they just think the environment is something liberals made up to slow down business? Please, someone explain it. I really want to know. No sarcasm.

  14. To shreds you say… tsk tsk tsk, well how’s his wife holding up? To shreds you say… tsk tsk tsk. Oh terrible awful horrible news about my best friend professor Mabutu.

  15. What has trump done for my second amendment and insuring my freedoms? Not that I think Biden would be better but we’re the worst off we’ve been gun wise where I live as long as I can remember. Even for those people with more freedoms than I, all I can say is three words: BUMP STOCK BAN

  16. I didn't know where exactly to mention this. I watched one of Timcast or Tim Pool.. I'm not sure.
    I'm watching the Netflix series show "Dark". Season One, Episode Five "Truths" around the 21 minute mark.. the female police captain explains "the cycle of 33 years". That every 33 years, everything is just as it was. It's called "the lunar solar cycle".
    I just googled "who was the president 33 years ago". Guess what? It was Ronald Reagan.
    Seriously guys… EVERYTHING IS JUST AS IT WAS!!!!