The Left Wildly Overstretches By Trying to Attack Washington, Jefferson Memorials

Those aren’t confederate figures…

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  1. Columbus State University just removed their Christopher Columbus statue because LEFTISTS complained. How pathetic. Very weak of the university leadership.

  2. It is time deface, burn, and pull over MLK statues, NOW. ONE PER CITY to start with then escalate to many nationwide if they will not stop. Fight fire with fire.

  3. Out of all the founding fathers they pick Washington which is ridiculous. Washington set conditions so his slaves would be freed upon the death of his wife Martha.

  4. So in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) a 2 meter high statue of Vladimir Lenin was put up.The initiator Gabi Fechtner calls him "The apostle of freedom and democracy" and the mayor of the city Frank Baranowski
    sayed oh well we"ll just have to live with it.

  5. any single person involved in the riots would cower if left on a street corner alone wearing a sandwich board that said {COMMUNISM SUITS AMERICA}….one real man or woman would make them tinkle in the briefs mom bought them

  6. The best way to handle this is to require the left to propose replacements for the historic figures they want taken down…and Rosa Parks is comparable to very few; even Martin Luther King Jr. himself would not make the cut regarding many, especially on the Founders.

  7. How do you know that the people who initially instigate the orchestrated removal of statues are "leftists" to begin with? Certainly a majority feel indifferent toward statues, and within that group there would be many that consider a purpose to amplify the political divide in the country, rather than adhering to any or either ideology. Like an outsider who causes trouble between two rival group then stands back as the carnage unfolds. The intention is that by desecrating monuments to the past you will spur political discord between the two rival groups that share that past. They tried to get the statue removal thing going on in Charlottesville at the 'unite the right' rally. The fact that a whole group of people will follow along with whatever is happening is what is referred to as "crowd psychology", which is irrational in nature and also non-ideological. Ultimately who is benefiting? The implicit culprit expects to receive an expected political advantage from divisive public spectacles and resultant hysteria. ( like the "massive" surge of migrants over the border, etc.)