The Left’s Hypocritical View of Sex and Consent | Jordan Peterson & Dave Rubin | #shorts

In light of the current Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial, it is important to remember Dave Rubin’s views on the #metoo movement, especially arguing that the phrase ‘believe all women’ is counterproductive and legally flawed. Jordan Peterson enters the conversation, drawing attention to the left’s hypocrisy, primarily how their severe view on consent interacts with their liberal view of sexual relationships.

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John believes proper, robust dialogue is necessary if we are to maintain our social strength and cohesion. As he puts it; “You cannot get good public policy out of a bad public debate.”

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Written by John Anderson


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  1. I know I'm completely missing the point here, but are they at a wedding? Haha imagine asking Jordan Peterson to give a toast at your wedding and getting this. 😂

  2. As a little boy growing up I felt concerned about this. It may not have been the intention, but it felt like the world was always trying to make me feel ashamed of myself because I was born white, male, cis gendered, etc.

  3. Wait, not a single mention of the Hilo crust of men not having the right to consent or not;l, the the predictable outcome that 14 year olds have been told to pay child support to 36 year olds? (County of San Luis Obispo v Nathanial J, 1990’s)

    The very question the “reformed progressive” asked revealed her internalized misandry with regards to SA.

  4. The thing is, just because most people seem to not believe in God, he is still real. He guides us regarding these and many other issues, people will continue to suffer the consequences of their actions whether good or bad. We can either try to make it up as we go along in the few years we have on earth or take notice of the wisdom that has gone before.

  5. Lol birth control the hydrogen bomb? He sounds like Borat being told ‘in this country women can choose for themselves, it’s a good thing.’ And Borat responding ‘it is not good for me.’

  6. It shouldn't be "believe all women" it should be "consider and/or investigate all claims". Maybe then, men could also feel safe claiming when the abuse happens to them, too. A crime which is greatly underreported.

  7. Consent, once given, cannot be retracted at a later date. Period. That is simply a consequence of the flow of time.
    If you want to address regret, you have to find a way to change the decision itself, at the time the decision is made… not after the fact.

  8. Birth control has been, less widely and less effectively, around for thousands of years. Herbs for preventing conception and for inducing miscarriage/aka abortions have been known for a long time… BUT the culture has changed bc the sanctity of life and the role of the individual in its value based society has been taken over by post modernism’s neo-Marxist baby thats continually created in an idiotic alcohol and drug induced (pharma and recreational) scenario.

  9. People spiritually and emotionally are so immature their morals are hung on, what Legally and medically Possible & what they can get away with, Even 💀.
    No one should 🤔 for you, right ?
    If God gives you an option Choose good choices to use your brain and think for yourself. No one else should take it away from you.
    One of the best known verses of Scripture is in Galatians 6 :7
    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” 
    This ancient admonition is simple and direct and there is no margin for error in interpretation.
    🤔 To every Action there is always an equal Reaction. That's an extract of Newton's third law, that states: To every Action there is always an equal Reaction: or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts.
    Why Don't people 🤔 ?
    🙏Not to offend
    u just think 🤔 Out loud.

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