The Left’s Texas Abortion Outrage

Safe, legal and rare: how the left abandoned the liberal compromise on abortion.

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  1. LMAO, Yes pregnant illegal immigrants should not be deported (For this because I am against illegal immigration and making immigration laws laxer)
    Yes, You should get child support at 6 weeks, ACTUALLY, The man should "man up" and take responsibility.
    And yes if you want to insure your kid, then you can. I mean you are paying it, arent you, moron?
    What did these idiots think? That conservatives and non-leftists aren't ideologically consistent? Projection much?

  2. Back when I still had a Facebook account, I was in a comment thread under a friend's post where a Canadian (and here's a real kicker) mother of two had made the comparison of an embryo to a "parasite" during our impromptu debate on abortion…suffice to say, I then made the conscious decision to utterly wreck her in the exchange and nuke the bint from orbit, which I did. Unsurprisingly, she ended up aborting her resolve and the continuance of the debate, and I came away from it with sharpened tools and a smile on my face.

  3. Abortion is a difficult problem for me and when I talk about it I often get told abortion doesn't concern me because I'm a man and my response often crushes these people and I'm surprised it doesn't come up for anyone else.
    If it wasn't for abortion I wouldn't be here.
    That statement may confuse people I'll explain if my dad's first wife didn't get an abortion my dad wouldn't have been around my mother after his first wife passed away.
    Now knowing that I often have to question my own existence is it right that I got this life and if so what about the life that was Taken away?

  4. The problem with replicns is that they are unwillg to fight the people who are pummeling them while drowning them.

    If one position is pro-life
    the other is pro-death not pro-choice

    its not right to abort
    its right to infanticide

  5. If leftists hate Texas and Texan legislation so much maybe they should’ve just stayed in California. It’s not like Texas is North Korea, you can leave without getting shot.

  6. Her calling a near to term baby a parasite made my sick to my stomach. I was born relatively early, and my mother barely managed to give natural birth to me. I am thankful she was raised in a sane world and met my father, because if not for that I would be 100% dead and cut up for these sick fucks to hock my body parts like Burke and Hare.

  7. 13:00 There's not only the risk of the child dying, there's the risk of the child (if it even survives) to live a life of severe and terrible illness with immense repercussions for the family and the other child that had the luck of surviving.

    This video makes some valid points, while also diving nose deep into hypocrisy making the same arguments and points that the commentators are berating their opponents for.

  8. I think your interpretation of Janak's story might not be entirely accurate. If it's a high risk pregnancy it's likely high risk to her, and she was weighing trying to bring the pregnancy to term and possibly dying with the baby and leaving her son behind. One of the instances where I consider it acceptable.

  9. I remember years back when internet atheism was a big thing there was an episode of the magic sandwich show where they had Thunderf00t on and a bunch of radical feminists debating abortion, pretty much all the regulars on the call were on the radical feminists side until Thunderf00t pushed them hard on the matter of how late they thought mothers should be able to abort (they resisted answering this question), as soon as they came out saying up until birth it all fell apart for them in the debate.

  10. God damn radical idea here, but maybe people should treat sex with at least a portion of its due gravity. Feels absolutely amazing, lots of benefits and reasons for it, but it is (after all) the mechanism for making new human life. You have a life in there as soon as the cells start dividing. Cellular or not, it's human life. I vote we ban the shit altogether and if you're the sort of heartless shit to seek a back alley abortion, better hope it ends you 'cuz the punishment should be equal to murder 1.

    Go fuck yourselves progressive pricks.

  11. 6 weeks too little, 9 months way too late

    edit: a parasite? technically yes, but still way too late to worry about it at that point, considering its about to leave your body anyway. why worry when it is literally about to not be, without intervening?

  12. I am aware of a woman younger than me who was sexually active with her husband (and presumably still is) and they refuse all sorts of contraception and she says her body is so fragile (uses a certain illness claim but hasn’t been diagnosed ever) she can’t take any birth control and her body would be too risky for pregnancy.
    She got pregnant once so far (that I’m aware of) and aborted it on the basis that it was foreign object in her body and she hated it.

    Ma’am, your husband is much more foreign to your body than your baby was.
    It kills me and when I found about this, I was really struggling with what could have been a miscarriage (which I’ll never know one way or another if it really was or wasn’t, it was too late by the time I could get a test, and wasn’t actively seeing an OBGYN until years later) and I have wanted to be a parent for so very long, from a young age I knew I wanted to have a lot of kids and I did so well with younger cousins and, in school, younger kids.

    I was around 20 at the time. And sure, the then-boyfriend was abusive as hell and I had never consented to him and my mental health was bad.
    But the idea I lost a child scarred me.
    And the fact this younger girl chose to kill her own baby was devastating to me and made me incredibly angry.

    Why does no one seem to appreciate life anymore?

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