The Legacy Media Begs You to Ignore the CCP Leak and Focus on Largely Mythical Russian Hacking



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  1. Search "over two million Chinese Communist Party members secretly embedded" and you'll see that there is an entire news blackout of this story in American media. As our political climate sits this story SHOULD BE DOMINATING the airwaves. CENSORSHIP: We live in the dystopia we've always feared. '1984' has become real and we are all Winston Smith!

  2. Only way to save the country at this point is martial law, the executive order from 2018 and Insurrection Act as well to deal with traitors and the nations trying to dominate us. It really is the only way. China wants America to self destruct on a governmental level and then they will either run this country the with an outright attack or with intimidation attacks. In either case they want to turn us into the middle east that is a zero threat to them. They will then focus on dominating the E.U. and or the Actual Middle East next.

  3. You just figured this out 666 ?motivations usally congregate around three or four things ; money, power , ego ,and sex. With all the woke shit and these organizations being plain about being communist,
    Cultral marxism and communist money were in play . This has been going on since the 60's. Politicians have had a direct hand in the slow destruction of America and a hand out for the money .

  4. I have been waiting for people to get a clue. Russia— maybe some threat there but I see it as slight of hand on the part of the media. The real threat was always the CCP in my view.

  5. You are missing the strategy! Everyone is already aware of the CCP involvement but if you want to feed the Left and MSM and get their cooperation and involvement throw in Russia to boot and how can they ignore the story considering their rabid concern of Russia and now if they dont go along with Investigation this it will out the MSM and Dems.
    THIS is on purpose.

  6. Its not the algorithm its your content. Be more like salty cracker with some energy and you'll get more views/likes. You aren't shadow – banned i will take a video of me going on youtube for you to show you you are always on the front page.

  7. F-Book is one giant self enrolled surveillance system. Oh and don’t forget to scan your face and thumbprint on your phone. It’s totally secure. Lol

  8. so what? when we europeans wanted to change our online laws toward better privacy and data security, we were told by the white houee in no uncertain terms:
    "any law that would stifle or prevent US intelligence agencies from spying on european citizens and politicians will be taken as a hostile act… and the US is to act accordingly…"
    and you defended julian and wikileaks p,enty of times… lots of the information they published came from chinese sources…
    of course that was before you went off the ideological deep end…

  9. At what point do you realize Trump is a compulsive liar? Or do you already realize it and just keep spreading Trump’s Twitter conspiracy theories anyway?

    It was Russia. If you do not believe this, then you are only onboard with Trump and against every intelligence agency, military commander, and democracy itself. That would make you a traitor, Tarl.

    Yes, disregard all the intelligence and listen to this jackass in a leather jacket hiding in Amsterdam. That makes you a conspiracy theorist AND an idiot.

  10. The fact that we did not either issue a declaration of war or at least an embargo at the news of the amount of spies in the US is really emblematic of the military industrial complex's goals

  11. Diane Finstien had a Chinese spy driver for 10 yrs. Only reason they get them out because they get caught. China gives them money to sell out our country. And Americans pay them to do it. SWAMP