The Legacy Media is in the Bag for Biden and Won’t Ask Tough Questions

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  1. Trump during his sweetheart period (first 100 days) received 92% negative coverage. Presidents historically receive around 90% positive coverage in that period. The media has ALWAYS been against him, including FOX

  2. The left doesn’t accuse Trump of all this nonsense because he’s guilty of it, they accuse him to cover up the fact they are guilty of what they accuse him of. They know he’s not guilty. They are liars trying to manipulate the facts.

  3. If Trump ends up winning, the Deep State and China will assassinate him. It's the only thing they haven't tried, to get rid of him.
    Even the intentionally released pandemic didn't work. The CIA, FBI, NSA, globalists, legacy media and democrats have all colluded to take down Trump.
    They all want the planet to be one big China. No freedoms and mass surveillance on world citizens. Watch out Taiwan, and the USA will be the next Hong Kong.

  4. Of course they won't ask tough questions, the hardest question they'll ask Biden is when his wife, sister, son, grandchildren changed his last diaper, because it smells like he made a boom boom in it!!

    Yet, Trump is still RAHCIST…..REEEEEEEEEEEEE

  5. Like Razor says, they don't respect you, they think you're a spineless idiot who will just willingly give them the election without fight, well it's time to prove them wrong.

  6. A lot of people have been saying there's less Trump mail-in votes because he said not to use them. That's really hard to verify with the news smokescreen that mainstream networks push though.

  7. Hell yeah. The media is complicit in the fraud that took place in the election and continue to fight the truth giving widespread negative coverage of challenges in a completely biased manner.