The Liberal Psyop Desantis Astroturf Continues

Dem nominee poll:

Even as Desantis pivots to an explicitly gubernatorial bid:

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  1. I don’t really care for Trump to run again. Of course I would rather have him than any Democrat, and a ham sandwich named Republican at this point is likely to beat any Democrat anyway, but that doesn’t mean Trump is the best. I don’t know if DeSantis is better or not but he’s new and he’s never been president and he’s like half of trumps age. Almost literally

  2. The idea of DeSantis being pushed as well as the comments made me unsub from Crowder. Trump has a specific mindset and is probably most capable to revive the economy. But they made it obvious they rather have DeSantis and are priming a negative view of Trump if he acts like himself. And the comments are shallow on why they support DeSantis.

  3. Kamela only has skin in any race, and only skin. Her supporters are clueless twats, fed on bs and 'dreams'; using crayons to fill in a ballot doesn't count for much.

  4. A fascinating person you are, it's a pleasure to have found you. You have a strategic mind and a good grasp of political strategy.
    What would you think about a Trump/Gabbard ticket? I'd like Ron to stay in Florida and protect it from Dems, and potentially run in '28 instead of doing a Palin. He'll do more good for America in that way.

  5. If hardcore Trumpers can't get behind Desantis, they're officially part of the problem. I'd crawl over glass to get Trump back as POTUS, but I also admit his UNFORCED ERRORS saddled us with Biden. Like it or not we're surrounded by idiots who think mean tweets are a bigger concern all the human suffering the Democrat agenda brings us. I'm around them every day. Trump relished in alienating those idiots, but now we've got Biden and all our lives are taking a hit.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dems wait as long as they can, then spring Michelle O as their candidate. I can’t stand her, but (unfortunately) I believe she’s the only one who has a chance of winning over Trump. MANY people would jump at the chance to vote for her, and the machine would be behind her too. The timing and climate is right for her, and B.O. could have his 4th term, continuing the bring-down of this country.🤔😒

    She could be the Ace they pull out of their sleeve at the 9th hour.
    #Trump2024, #DeSantis2028

  7. The problem I have with this is people are not thinking short term and worrying about appearances. They need to start thinking long term strategy. This is not about a 4 year election. They're not thinking about the consequences of DeSantis leaving Florida right now. Because if DeSantis runs, who is going to be running elections in Florida? You know, the swing state right? Rino Nikki Fried? The Dems? You're handing our election system over to the establishment and so much for fair elections.

    Further, DeSantis has said multiple times he's not running if Trump is. He's running campaign ads for governor. This is just a never Trumper pipe dream.

  8. DeSantis continuing in FL is smart. He's a star governor and young by recent presidential standards. Legacy media would love Trump and DeSantis to dirty up each other in a primary battle.

  9. What's the obsession with Disantos needing to "prove himself" ? Being a successful governor is more proof than what trump presented in 2016…smells a bit like the populist right is longing for the good old days of established figures

  10. Do we still need an FBI ? We do not need THIS FBI. …Corrupt, rotted from within, evil badges with guns…This is the East German Stasi, GRU, KGB, hit men for the Democratic party, Communists in Action.

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