The LIE that (Almost) Started WORLD WAR III

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  1. Zelenskyy could be telling the truth. If NATO wanted to declare war the missile would have been "Russian". Now the missile is "Ukrainian". That missile is whatever NATO wants it to be.
    Poland and some hawkish countries want to escalate. Most NATO countries want to prevent escalation (WW3). The leaders talk among themselves and decide things. I doubt the people are given accurate information.

  2. I think everyone is jumping to gun a bit quick. Ukraine is not allowed to investigate the missile site. Only US and Polish. Evidence hasn't been provided to Ukraine to confirm the remnants of the missile were from the missile defense system. Of course US would push that it was a Ukrainian missile, they don't want to commit soldiers. I personally think this is smart. Ukraine is doing fine with all the aid themselves, they will win on their own. But to say this ruling is definitive is dishonest. Not all evidence is even out yet, and only 1 player has been allowed to see any cards (US). Also, the coordinates of the missile strike line up with 2 major cities in Ukraine, could it perhaps have been an error on the Russian part in programming their missile? Mixing coordinates by accident and having a missile go off in the farmland?

  3. A pile of crap starting from the title. WW3 between who? Russia and NATO? It would take a few hours to get Russia got completely annihilated. So, most of the world would not even notices such “WW3”. The Russian armed forces are already depleted, they has already lost about 84K dead and 100K heavily wounded, lost most of its tanks and other equipment. Most of their ICBM likely won’t even take off – one reason is that they have not been serviced for last 10 years, but supposed to be serviced every 6 years. Why? Because Russia cannot do that without Ukraine, well, those ICBMs were designed and manufactures in Ukraine which was part of the USSR back then.

  4. That day Russia committed the biggest terrorist attack so far. Ukraine did it's best to shoot down missiles targeted at civilian infrastructure. This mistake would never hadn't Russia start the war

  5. Well B.P. you dont know who's that missile wass. You assume that wass ukraine missile, same as i ,or someone else, can assume that wass russian missile. True that both sides have interests in bombing Poland: Ukraine for more support, Russia for defense, border checking. Russia does that all the time.
    Poland will not support Putins Russia in any case what so ever. It doesn't matter how cold winter it will get. And there for Poland will always support Ukraine.
    NATO officials by trying to avoid conflict with Russian, saying that missile wass from Ukraine side, play bit soft, at worst they show that NATO is not agresor here, but problem that, that in this case, this insidet will happen again.
    Air defence missile's work air-air, not air-ground. It can't accidentally shot itself in something that is on ground, or you can't purposely shot something that is on ground.

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