The link between Chinese firms and the Chinese regime | CLIP | China in Focus

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Maybe you haven’t heard, but some of the most iconic American brands are actually owned by Chinese firms.

And some of these Chinese firms are linked to the Chinese regime or serve its strategic goals.
In this special episode, we look at six American companies whose ownership has sparked controversy.

The Chinese Communist Party’s fingerprints are on your screens, in your grocery stores, and in companies holding technology critical to this country’s national security.
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  2. I hate it when i get these notifications. I dont want to know i have 15 minutes before i can actually watch this episode.
    Its like sitting in the dentist office watching the guy that came in after you. Go ahead of you.
    Just frustrating. C'mon gimme news please

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  4. Chyna is a modern day 1930s Germany . Chyna released their virus in September 2019. One month after trumps 25% tariffs went into play. They did it for many reasons but trumps tariffs is what precipitated their action.

  5. I said it many times before. China is infiltrating every place bit by bit from food industries to gaming industry and once we realize what is going on. Will be too late

  6. The Democratic Nation of Taiwan has just launched a new platform called "Taiwan Plus" to help them get past big tech push of Communist China's Propaganda lie that Taiwan is a province of China. It is going to feature English speaking content, please consider subscribing, and helping the platform to grow, this is a good way to thumb you're nose at the CCP !

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  8. And why is it that military are very much involved in television as well as music etc., and, if not them, their children… like Doors lead singer and the like. Look it up, I just want to know why? Things that make you say hmm. Oh, now, China has laws in place that a child cannot play video games for longer than 3 hours per week or some shat like that and send children to rehab. Not a joke!