The Liquidation of Western Culture

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  1. I recently watched a Putin speech on RTL talking about Western Woke Culture and whatever people think of him, he was spot on. He likened the woke to communism, how dangerous it is and that's coming from a man who would know.

  2. Why do Transwomen adopt such absurd, exotic names… They never rename themselves Susan or Janet, do they? – No, it has to be some overtly feminine and "spiritual" name.

  3. Dear white people, you are in grave danger and you must wake up to it now. Tell your children, your parents and be ready for anything. Dear Youtube and Leftist loons, this is not a call to violence. Any attempt to frame it as such is fantasy on your part.

  4. If you can self identify as either a woman or a man despite the obvious differences in your anatomy.Why can't you identify as a downtrodden Black person.That would put the cat amongst the pidgins,Oh maybe its only the perogative of the woke.

  5. The funny thing is, if we were to cancel all music because of reprehensible actions, i have a feeling that black american music would see the largest gaping wide hole.

  6. My issue with this is that if you try to censor based on this type of "considerations" and rhetoric, you WILL eventually be inconsistent. We cannot "cancel" people, art, statues, whatever because of certain aspects of their lives. For every supposedly bad person discovered, 10 more are undiscovered – yet might be just as bad. Or worse.
    This just invites even more insanity. Enjoy art for the art. You don't have to like the artist.

  7. The problem is, you guys stopped at Brexit, but that should have been the beginning, not the end. The EU cultists didn't leave your country, and now they are going to try and tear it apart from the inside.

  8. Sure, torture is torture and Picton was charged and convicted in court at the time for what he ordered done to Louisa Calderón, but that does not change the fact that he was a war hero and also that Louisa Calderón had been abused as a sex slave long before Picton attempted to coax information from the girl about the whereabouts of a significant amount of stolen money.
    This is just another erasure of a historical figure in order to transfer power to a group of malcontents.

  9. Don’t these crazies “use intersectional lenses” to “interpret” artwork? This requires the “death of the author.” You can’t believe that the “death of the author” is a valid tool for interpretation and analysis AND complain about the author’s life outside the text at the same time. Either the author’s life experience and intent matter, or they don’t. You can’t have both.

  10. The term is ethnic cleansing. The erasure of history, the destruction of statues, the demonization of a people, the desecration of religious iconography and churches. White western countries are being ethnically cleansed

  11. What is there too be jealous of? If you take all the leftist cuckery out of Britain we're like an easy contender for the greatest nation on earth both past and presently. Top 10 definitely.

  12. I wrote some fanfiction where Johnny Cash became the president of the United States and the British Empire overthrew the Chinese.

    I demand it be taught in schools now.

  13. Sure, I can understand not listening to the Lost Prophets(Ian Watkins) or Gary Glitter as i am instantly reminded of what they (or certain band members) got upto in their private life, that tends to ruin the songs I am listening to. But going through every classical rock band with a fine tooth comb just to find political opinions you don't agree with just to cancel them, like "Jennifer Finney Boylan" is suggesting is complete nonsense. How sad of a bint do you need to be? No doubt a member of the far, far, far left with pronouns in her bio.

  14. One, Fuck This Biofemme Basura who wrote this article, with a Stake Vlad Tepes style Publically and With Extreme Prejudice.

    Two, Have You Had Enough of the Empowerment which Has Enabled Such Filth to Spew Their Excrement?

    Because I for one, am sick of even having to countenance such trash, I pray to Shai Hulud that we can go the Tleilaxu route, since we have the coma womb medical tech today for prototype Axlotl Tanks, just for the Silence, as this ilk of biofemme get tanked, not only boosting birthrates but getting Project Amal started early; The Artificial Spice Could Flow. Shai Hulud Akbar Hallelujah It Just Works Amin Inshallah Asalamu Malaykum.

    One way or another Honored Matres will be Disempowered, because they are the Ded-End that they are.

    The bene gesserit, who by name of their order are The Well Behaved, can stay so long as they are quiet and don't cause trouble.

  15. You should demonstrate to the left that one can be offended by anything & everything, The term white is offensive as so-called-whites are only white when they are dead or drained of blood. The Chinese use a term which is translated as pink. Of colour – what does that mean – whites have no colour – ie are transparent – ie can be ignored. Carry on the good work!

  16. It's all so upsetting b/c for (too) many they are not only sincere, but it all comes from a place of near pure fiction. A contorted set of stories you will likely never help them untangle.