The lockdown on dissent, with Jay Bhattacharya | The Brendan O’Neill Show

Jay Bhattacharya talks to Brendan O’Neill about the catastrophic harms of lockdown and how the scientific establishment suppressed the Covid debate.

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  1. I'm a Westerner who has lived in Taiwan for over 30 years. The Taiwanese government handled the pandemic really well. Far better than most around the world. We never had a lockdown . People were never locked up in their homes. The economy wasn't trashed. Last year there was a spike in cases and schools , restaurants , public places such as museums were temporally closed. But that was in the summer , so the schools would have been on vacation anyway. Very little school time was lost. The Taiwanese government treated the situation pretty much as "The Great Barrington Declaration" before the declaration had even been declared ! Our borders were closed early on. Way before other countries. Our government , wisely didn't trust the CCP when they tried to cover up the virus and later said it wasn't transmissible between humans. Never trust the CCP ! Lying is what they do.So Taiwan has had far fewer cases, far fewer deaths per capita and has kept on going fairly normally. True we have to wear masks everywhere out of the home, but this is , in my opinion a minor discomfort. Life has been and continues to go on as usual here. "Keep calm and carry on " seems to have been the government advice here in Taiwan.

  2. OUR DEAR LEADER HERE IN CANADA 🇨🇦 FORBIDS me, and more than 5 (FIVE) MILLION OTHER CANADIAN CITIZENS from boarding an aeroplane, train or boat
    until we do as OUR DEAR LEADER tells us to do. Isn't it odd OUR DEAR LEADER stood up yesterday and declared that WOMEN (whatever THAT means) have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO CHOOSE what happens to their body. I remain very perplexed and STUCK BEHIND THE MAPLE LEAF CURTAIN 🍁.

  3. I always knew there must of been starvation in poor countries as a result of lock downs. This is the first time I ve heard some proper information. Thank you for this

  4. Woody Allen famously said that "90% of life is showing up". I know what he meant, it is another way of saying that "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take". Before lockdown schools understood this and arguably took it too far: fining parents if their kids missed as little as a day. During lockdown school kids reportedly lost a billion school days and nobody got fined for that. Meanwhile working from home has become a new normal for many, just showing up is apparently now too much to expect.

  5. People were well warned. It was obvious who was getting seriously ill from Covid. They did not want responsibility for what was going on and we're supporting the government. A couple in Ireland were just fined for going to Mass on Psalm Sunday 2021. Where is the outcry?

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