The Lost Generation: How the pandemic DESTROYED a generation of children | Redacted w Clayton Morris

“Children in the United States lost about 20 years of educational achievement due to the pandemic, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.
There is also data that shows that middle school and high school children are the least resilient.

Isn’t it time we knock off that “”kids are resilient”” crap and make it right by them? ”

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Written by Redacted


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  1. In Canada schools supplied laptops to those families that couldn't afford to buy them as well as the families who have more than one child! Yet still , I have 4 out of 9 grandchildren that can't read or spell or even count to 10? Wtf?

  2. Here in Canada we have Tim Horton's donuts and they came up with the vaccine donut. Its really good they put it in the filing in the Boston cream pie donut and for the faint hearted no more needles involved. The only thing we are limited in the number of donuts we can eat. Too bad I love donuts.

  3. Your supposed to be interestingly intelligent.
    You are saying one generation R U Nuts. First they trained college students to G room
    That took 3 three years and one generation. Then they went after the little people that’s 2 more generations. So get it right

  4. People need school I remember being in pre calc
    People struggled with it alot.
    I think missing classes def affects the less affluent
    I never struggled with math, thank god.
    But I can see how this would be a huge peoblem

  5. all of those emails of anthony fauci were reducted already and mostly deleted the files..
    he will only choose those documents that can benefits him to make him looks innocent for his crimes that he committed..

  6. If parents actually sat down with there children teaching them how to read, write and other life skills, then maybe we wouldn't have so many children behind. Lazy breads lazy and Ignorance breads ignorance.

  7. Of you look more into comparing how the children were affected by the corona, just know that the swedish school system had yet in the last decade (?) deliberately been taken down through provatisation, and by letting areas of the country turn into badically no go zones, so in dome parts the schools are now very unsafe spaces, and the teachers and stuff have no authority to step in, it is all stuffed under the carpet. Sweden has gone from one of the top safest countries to the most unsafe in Europe, and the school results from the top in the world to really bad. The corona episode in general has not affected the country as much as other countries like Spain. I lived on Mallorca, Soain during the lockdown, so lived through that destruction of a tourist paradise, and now I’m visiting Stockholm, capital of Sweden and my home town. In Sweden it was for instance never mandatory to wear a mask, only line adviced in homes for elderly and such. The prices on food and gas had risen enourmously, and we’re facing a winter of extreme electricity prices, and here the winter can be -10 degrees… Sweden is just starting to face the collapse

  8. Thank you for saying that children are not resilient. We’re talking about traumatising them! Humans are resilient when needed, but we do get damaged. The societal cycles of abuse and traumatisation has to stop. They always do this in different shapes and forms. Same fear tactics.

  9. Wait !! Since you aren’t affiliated with Fox anymore can you talk about the people who actually own the media outlets and control the narrative…

    Also, would love if you could bring up what’s going on in the stock market. Retail vs the Hedgefunds/Market makers corruption

  10. Seventh and eighth graders are at that hormonal age when they are so hard to teach in a normal situation. All they want to do is goof off, and have the hardest time retaining anything. If we got rid off all the ridiculous nonsensical crap they think kids need to learn and got back to the simple core subjects, the kids would be better off and catch up. The three “R’s” are all they need. And teachers don’t need to have a degree in education. You really don’t learn anything that usable in college. I graduated with a degree in elementary education. I totally think you could have apprenticeship teacher programs for like two years where they have on the job training. You’d have better teachers. Period.

  11. Look at it this way. If you wanted to depopulate 95% of the world population so that all that were left were younger, obedient slaves for the nwo wouldn't you seriously dumb down the population so they would be much more controllable? It was a plandemic clear to only some of us. Most school districts will only hire woke indoctrinated drones who have little to no real teaching skills, especially in the cities.

  12. Remember when CNN said on PV that the climate crisis WILL be the next “big crisis”. That they will use to impose their will on the people. The climate has been “just about to kill us”, since I was in elementary school, and yet…. Here we are. It’s too hot. Then it’s too cold. It’s bs. The founder of the weather channel even said it out loud. I assume he has a professional background to voice that opinion on live television. But I didn’t look it up.
    Every person in America should boycott all msm and local news outlets. Until they start to do their job again. Fair and balanced journalism. Imagine how much better the country. And probably the world would be… if we didn’t have the news telling us “to be afraid… be hateful… be angry….”
    We would be so much better if they didn’t exist at all.
    Do not forget. And do not forgive what’s been done to us.

  13. In Australia, The Great Resignation due to medical "mandates" has badly affected schools. I know several excellent teachers with 20+ years of experience who were fired for not complying with the medical tyranny.

  14. One day, education will be based on truth and not be used as a weapon and kids will be enthralled to learn that giant humans truly once walked the earth. Everything's, being weaponised to control us from the cradle to the grave, including the Smithsonian

  15. Those kids who dropped off in the UK joined all the home ed groups, likely finding, as we did before, that home ed is a much better option for my kids. It doesn't work for everyone, of course, but I'm grateful we were already home educating before lockdown occurred.

  16. The US is at least 50 years behind some of the enlightened countries in terms of treating and educating children for example in Finland teachers are so respected for every vacancy there are 5 applicants, and you have to do further studies for 3-4 years after finishing university to be able to work as primary school teacher, their school day is from 8am to 1pm most of which is spent out side where children learn through play.

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