The MAGA Experience | Ep. 1078

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Joe Rogan tells his listeners to vote Republican, CNN wants you to eat worms, and Elon Musk warns that civilization will collapse without fossil fuels.

00:00 – Joe Rogan Tells People to Vote Republican
02:57 – My Favorite Comment
06:08 – Trump: Nullify 2020 Election
09:40 – Lizzo at VMAs: You Need To Vote Because I’m Oppressed
14:41 – Animal Rights Lunatics Scream at Guy Eating a Kabob
17:44 – CNN: Eat Worms!
21:44 – Musk: Civilization Will Crumble Without Fossil Fuels
25:37 – Peter Doocy to Karine Jean-Pierre: Why Is There a Plane Vax Requirement to Get Into US but Unvaxxed Illegals Are Okay?
31:02 – Wisconsin Dem Senate Candidate Mandela Barnes: “Unfortunate” That Prisoners Can’t Vote
34:14 – Bill Maher on Abortion
37:28 – Kinzinger on Meet the Press Says He Will Back Far-left Dems Over “Anti-democracy” Republicans
42:14 – Brandon Friedman (Lib Columnist): Republicans Hate IRS Because of the Civil War
46:01 – AP: Fed Has Most Diverse Leadership Ever!
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Written by Michael Knowles


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  1. Joe Rogan and Bill Maher are saying what they are saying because they see which way the wind is blowing. They want to remain relevant and most importantly rich, I'm sure they are well aware of how quickly and abruptly you can slip into irrelevance.

  2. You can tell that the American Academy of Pediatrics have abandoned their patients by providing "gender affirming healthcare" as a first line treatment for gender-confused kids. They wouldn't provide suicide affirming therapy for their patients following episodes of self harm or suicide attempts, nor would any of these corrupt doctors offer obecity affirmation care for the anorexic. The AAP are totally wedded to the idea that up is down and down is up.

  3. We really need to watch for these cheaters!!!! The only thing is the machines. Someone said the machines are set to cheat on Election Day and not early voting. Can someone check this. I don’t have an official source

  4. Regarding eating bugs. Humans and other mammals cannot use insect protein. We require protein made from “L”amino acids. Insect protein is made of “D” amino acids. We can convert them to sugar but we cannot use it for our protein. James Ponder D.V.M.

  5. I’m with you Michael. I don’t worship Donald Trump, he’s not my lord & savior, he was the best president I’ve seen in my 59 years. Perfect? No. Effective? YES! Love DeSantis but, in 2024, I’m TRUMP all the way.

  6. They don't want to admit that anyone who didn't get the vaccine is still healthy and is no risk to anyone. They are doing it because the American government owns one of the vaccines with moderna and we make money on that. We also on the technology so every time they make a new vaccine we get part of the money because they're using our technology that we own. They could get off our asses about it and just sit back and make money for the country but that would be relinquishing power.

  7. Victor David Hanson once said on Fox News about the Democrats and their "worries" about Democracy.

    "There [Dems] are not afraid Democracy want work, but that it would work to will"
    -Victor David Hanson

  8. It’s amazing how pro choice people seem to care so much about people “massacring animals” by eating meat, but think it’s empowering and beautiful to kill an unborn baby… and they wonder why no one takes them seriously or cares about their feelings

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