The Mainstream Media Blames ‘The Freedom Movement’ for the QLD Police Shootings

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  1. Don’t expect anything less from msm. I see yours is as corrupt as ours here in NZ. It’s laughable how blatant the propaganda is today, but I’m genuinely ashamed how thick the average Joe jas become to be hanging off every word they spout. If we have really become that thick maybe they deserve to be controlled.

  2. Face It. Nothing will change in this country EVER. The Aussie Digger ethic disappeared after Vietnam. The politicians do not care about Australian-citizens, they are only in politics to save their own skin, make deals with countries who’s ethics are highly questionable and expect us to fund their treason. So now they want to DIGITALLY ENSLAVE YOU THROUGH YOUR MOBILE DEVICES. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

  3. Of course you send in young inexperienced police at night to a situation that is fraught with danger and with no back up. Then when the shit hits the fan you send in the storm troopers. This operation has the hall marks of another psyop…remember Port Arthur. Well I guess (for now) the Police Commissioner is off the radar with her troubled management.

  4. Over the past two years, cops across the country have shot at civilians, entered their homes illegally, assaulted them on the street without provocation, fined them to the point of economic exhaustion and tossed them in prison for committing no crime.

    The murder of these cops is absolutley deplorable and inexcusable.

    But this what happens when you deploy a militarized police force against a society that has lived in relative peace and harmony.

    It's not right and I would never encourage this sort of violence against anyone.

    But I think it's time our law enforcement agencies take a long hard look at themselves.

  5. Yes I could see that coming. No wonder when we learn about Daniel Keneally and what he did then there is definitely justified mistrust of police. However these two young constables loss of life is heartbreaking. Police command definitely need to work on cleaning up dirty cops as well. People need to have faith and trus 4:05 t in police and we don’t and it’s their fault.

  6. Did they forget the narrative. It was russian and chinese misinformation. We don't know what our government is up to so fairs fair. Have to check out the calibre of all teacher's after this. There must be something wrong with the educators.

  7. Targeted Aussies?
    Another red flag event to target those sharing the truth about our illegitimate gov't & their corporate employee thugs, pretending to be Police.

    God will ultimately judge them & guide us to better ways to obtain a healthy & functional system, that doesn't discriminate, close it's eyes, cover it's ears or our mouths.

    May God direct us, aid our resilience & protect us from evil until the hour of our deaths. Let us not give in to violence & hate against those who do us harm, because if we do, we can't be in the presence of the Lord our God, unless we repent & allow Jesus into our hearts for better peaceful solutions.

  8. Everything they said that was a conspiracy theory seemed like a summary of reality to me. And they are right – we are on the way to a people's revolution against the WEF – not just here but globally – and the propaganda war has started it seems.

  9. The posts on the internet they quoted were completely innocuous – probably 60% of internet users have made similar posts – if that is the best they can dig up, then there is something wrong with the story here – certainly with the claims of them being conspiracy theorists.

  10. I couldn't see any foxholes, barricades or guns in the video? It looked like a normal farm to me – certainly not one set up as fortress like they were implying – more like a bit of an unorganised mess.

  11. Can someone please tell me why did Police even go there if they want to be left alone? The media said it was a missing person report. Which seems strange at best and a str8 lie at worst. So who reported them missing?

  12. The main stream media has done nothing but lie to all Australians for the last 2 years, why would anyone believe a word of their reporting , that's no conspiracy, every Australian has been a witness to all of it . The New World Order owns the msm , that's common knowledge.

  13. Hmmm… spam calls as covert tracking?!!?

    I've been getting lots of them this last 12 months….

    I also like to comment about how the government works for itself, not for me….

    If I were to put 2 and 2 together, I reckon I'm about a week away from a "welfare check" at my home…

    Let's hope mr plod is wearing sword proof sleeves huh?


  14. When does a theory, stop being a theory, most of Australia s problems are deliberately created by all our bought and paid politicians who are loyal to no one but themselves .Most of our wealth kept in the ground ,it takes more than one party to achieve that , it takes more than one pol party to orchestrate sale of water to corrupt politicians, the sub debacle ,sale of our land to foreign countries. Pathetic to little self defence ,conspiracy, when does reality replace conspiracy. Australian s have lost control of their own country ,that's no conspiracy.

  15. OMG people calling for freedoms and expressing their concerns about where the Country is heading, thats so dangerous and must be dealt with……………. These are the kinds of people that will load others into the Boxcars

  16. A clear government psychological operation to call for more gun reform and to brandish anyone who has critical thinking skills and opinion opposed to government narrative. The numerology of the “incident” even shows it was planned in advance with Masonry fingerprints all over it. Gematria effect news 22-25 channels shows how the simple code is utilised.

  17. Exterme views, like "anti vax", MSM silent on the authoritarian Covid response from the States, but very vocal on one incident that they use to foster fear and paranoia against those who speak out against the narrative.

  18. Even though these people were "supposedly" in possession of illegal, high powered weapons, unlicensed and didn't GaF, the first response by our leaders is to crack down on legal gun ownership? Right ….. Damn that just makes so much sense…..NOT! Those damn legal gun owners again! How dare they be law abiding citizens!

  19. So now anyone asking questions about what went on during the Covid period, is going to be a terrorist? What a load of crap. A tightening of gun laws and a few more rights taken away coming up.

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