The Mainstream Worldview Is Self Evidently Bullshit: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

The mainstream worldview is self-evidently bullshit. If our media and education systems were telling us the truth about the world and our “democratic” systems actually worked, our society would be arranged to serve the interests of the many rather than an elite few.

You can tell the mainstream worldview is bullshit just by looking at its fruits. We’re killing our ecosystem to serve an economic system that’s creating greater and greater inequality while wars rage and nuclear brinkmanship threatens to wipe us all out and corruption rules the earth.

The world is as it is because the way the majority of people in the most influential nations think, act and vote is being continuously manipulated by the powerful, for the powerful. The mainstream worldview is just a giant bundle of power-serving lies and manipulations.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. Thanks for existing! You, Russell Brand, so many YouTube talents are getting it right, who has time for hate-watching those persisting in propagandizing the rapacious oligarchy?
    Also, I highly commend Dr. Guy McMcPherson’s NATURE BATS LAST channel for updates on the severity of climate change.
    May your subscribers only increase.💗🙏🖖

  2. Good stuff Caitlin, I am always ready to hear what you have to say.

    I'd like to share some thoughts. If I may …

    It is essentially understood, or at least easily imagined, how a member of the 0.001%, someone with assets of over 50 billion $, say, typically enjoys and exercises a great deal more power and therefore, ability to change the state of the world, than does the "ordinary" individual. We can easily imagine, for example, the extrordinarily wealthy man happily announcing that Ghana, is about the have a brand new hydro-electric plant, probably within a year or two, unless he should change his mind. He can call up collegues and friends to "make the necessary arrangements" and "get the ball rolling".

    In contrast, the typical "ordinary person" feels powerless to control their own future. "Did you hear that the government is voting on legislation, which, if it passes, will make us all have to wear large, numbered florescent coloured ear tags, unless we can pay an exhorbitant exemption fee?" "Oh my, how awfull! Well I certainly hope they won't follow through with that!" (a silly hypothetical "example", slightly reminiscent of certain recent "emergency medical mandates").

    And as a result of this powerlessness, or at least perceived impotence, the "ordinary person" has become passive and compliant. Instead of making the intellectual and practical effort to plan out and secure for themselves the kind of future they see fit, usually, by around "middle age", those plans have been dashed, and the "ordinary person" begins to live, "day by day", finding comfort in routine and regularity, and, while hoping for the best, more or less waits passively for what the future may bring. The "ordinary person" whose ambitions were dashed, becomes effectively "broken" unless others within society provide a role for him to fill. His life becomes centered around the utility he may provide to others, and he becomes defined, largely, by his community and society.

    But what of "free will" or "volition"? What about that sort of thing that happens when one thinks of making a trip to the grocery store to pick up a bottle of cola, or perhaps rather a fruit flavoured soda, perhaps both, or neither, and then, depending on what one has decided to do, one proceeds to do precisely that?

    Well yes, of course "ordinary people" usually continue to exercise their ability to steer their own path into the future, in this sort of limited way. However, with respect to larger issues, issues they feel are beyond their control, such as where society is headed with respect to technological integration and impact, they leave such concerns to others. They entrust the important "decision making" and such responsibilities to the "experts" and their (or rather, our) "elected representarives".

    Curiously perhaps, our "elected representatives" seem to be basing their decisions on "experts" all of whom answer to and serve, or work for, or represent, those within that tiny minority that seems to weild extrodinary power and influence, the 0.001%.
    Our government leaders somehow tend to be graduates of the World Economic Forum (WEF) 's "Young Global Leaders" "grooming" program, and they regularly flock to fawn over and receive "inspiration" from the representatives of the 0.001% and the representatives of the world's largest corporations that they (the 0.001%) own and control. And even more bizzare, the last such WEF conference featured some "visionary" who confidently asserted that by 2030, most features of our current smart phones would be integrated into peoples' bodies, (via implanted electrical devices). Wow, how can he know people will want such devices implanted into their bodies?, I mean, what a prediction!

    So here's my concern, in a nutshell. My concern is that something very much like the 0.001% are effectively determining government policy (through "instruments" like the WEF), and evidently, they are successfully manipulating society so that society continues to most greatly favor and empower them.
    Unfortunately, recent disclosures seem to suggest that the future the 0.001% are actively making efforts to realize is one where, presumably out of fear that those that they have manipilated, deceived, victimized and exploited will try to exact some sort of revenge, or perhaps only out of power lust and fear induced by the possibility that they might be dethrowned, it has become apparent that the future they (the 0.001%) are trying to usher in, is a future where the threat of revolt has been utterly eliminated, unfortunately because everyone except a very tiny and exclusively "chosen" and select group of "apex citizens" will be psychologically enslaved via (digital electronic) technological means.

    Now surely that's just the pessimistic paranoid "Matrix" hyppthesis, right? I mean, why would the 0.001% presume they have the right to so enslave and then predate on, "the 99%"?

    My fear is that the 0.001% suppose that they are justified in so enslaving and abusing the "vast bulk of humanity" precisely because the "vast bulk of humanity" appears to be mindless, and oblivious to what they, the 0.001% are doing, and they, the "vast bulk of humanity", the "ordinary people" seem to be unable to see what's coming or too stupid to care; seem uninterested in and ambivolent towards the future, for they make no effort towards its direction or towards their own protection. That's it. That's the real crisis here.

    We, the "ordinary" people, can no longer "sit back" and trust that our "elected representatives" will serve to protect and advance us and our well being. (For they now serve wealth and power, and have betrayed us.) We must look beyond our current form of "representative democracy" and find mechanisms and the means by which we, as citizens, can collectively, and as individuals, directly participate in "the decision making process", in helping to ensure that our society is proceeding in a way that is acceptable and desirable, to us "ordinary" people, who are the greater (and more important) portion of society.

    Revolution may be at the door step. Let's begin the collaborative imagining and blueprinting of the more ideal society and the more ideal democracy and republic. Let's start imagining and communicating and building that consensus "vision" now, before "all Hell breaks loose" and chaos and calamity prevents cooperative assembly and discourse. It's time to start imagining the more perfect society. I can't impose it on you, but you can save yourselves. We can save ourselves. But it's time to begin the discussion about how to rebuild our society.

    That's it. That's my pitch. Cheers, Peace, Love, Solidarity and may you know God's Mercy, Kindness and Grace

  3. 4:41 although I love this idea and creative thinking, your snap we need to do something far more.

    If I had the Thanos glove, I would simply make human beings be immune to advertising/marketing/propaganda. Yes, civilization as we know it will immediately fall apart. The nature of human beings who slavishly follows orders and commands would be immediately rendered impotent thus all military personnel will simply walk away. The first line of defense of imperialism and colonization, sadly, the family structure who’s rooted in some perverse Judeo Christian Islamic culture will need to be changed in order for humans to be able to cooperate. People can keep their secrets but without people brainwashed by the propaganda, the elite would lose all cohesion of their dominion. The Roman empire/Catholic Church would hold no value or purpose on the planet. No one will be patriotic. Yes, everyone will be debating and arguing perhaps. Yes, everyone would be genuinely not in agreement but it won’t be to the benefit of a cohesive group. Since all of their techniques to manufacture consent will be made inert.

  4. The Empire will always protect itself. We must be aware that there are so called experts, like a certain Washington lawyer I saw on Twitter months ago and a certain other kid who have been coaxed into thinking that imperialism is the only way and that what they are doing is for the greater good of humanity. Impossible. The empire grooms such people, pumps up these spy and blockbuster movies of them "saving the world". The empire also takes time to groom people on the left to, like a soulless bureaucrat, make a decision impacting and destroying hundreds of thousands lives at a single time, grooms right wingers to be the hateful and efficient stormtroopers that have no qualms using depleted uranium on a village of civilians without batting an eye as they are, to their eyes, the others, the none empire components that deserve to die only for the sin of existing outside the domain. They groom and foster great artists and the like, having them sing or make philosophy on freedom that seduces people from other nations and ensnares them into the spell of the empire. They spout on being progressive and kind, preaching utopia whilst standing on the corpses and necks of nations around the world.
    The Empire can do no wrong. Without the Empire, the world too will fall.

  5. Western systems are not democratic but lift representatives out of the common herd to a higher (and very monyed realm). The theoretical/ideological basis of this is found in Edmund Burke, insisting that members of the British House of Commons are representatives and not delegates. This dresses them up as chosen for their sagacity and competence, but even the slightest familiarity with the current British government will put paid to that.
    Burke's assertion (I cannot dignify it with the term "theory") harks from a House of Commons before the 19th century Reform Acts with no voting rights for we common folk, full of rotten boroughs and hereditary seats. In the USA as much as the UK its maintenance ensures that "representative democracy" will never reflect the will of the people.
    Vox Populi Vox Dei? Yeah, right!

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