The Malcolm Roberts Show #3 – Dr Phillip Altman

Join me with the distinguished Dr Altman who has been a courageous fighter for truth and transparency especially over the past 3 years.

Written by Malcolm Roberts


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  1. Very interesting conversation, although Dr Phillip Altman had a lot of interesting data last time too. Good to know that in the event that the data doesn't look good, the government's policy is to hide the data. So in other words, don't trust anything the government says or any position the government takes based on it's own evidence or the evidence of other similarly immoral governments. The good news I guess is people will take seriously Jesus' words, 'Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Anything more is from the devil.'

    Only one more day before the ABS releases the latest death data too! Can't wait.

  2. A quality clip with in-depth info for all to digest and learn. Truly appreciate the time and effort Sen Roberts and Dr Altman are devoting trying to wake the masses. Sadly, I am wondering how many ignorant to this info, will actually have the courage to watch it. Has the TV talking head's hypnosis been too strong??? Something has definitely affected the ability of the brain-washed to seek out sources other than TV – tragic – truly tragic – life- affecting.

  3. There are only a handful of politicians currently serving us and Malcolm Roberts is one of them. The rest are nothing but corrupt lying trough feeders that do not care about the Aussie people or the nation. It's all about what they can do for themselves and their masters. Keep up the good work Malcolm and the others like you that I can count on one hand, maybe two if I thought hard enough.

  4. Thank you Senator Roberts you have true integrity and a politician by the people for the people….Thank you so much for providing us good guests and information

  5. ULURU has been a Centre of Cultural inclusion of Aboriginal People within Political confinement. It is not constitutional and would cut off sense of Identity. THE VOICE or ONE VOICE does not make sense for Communities attached to local Land and Culture. Changes happen smoothly without toxic Paternalism

  6. Some recent history 2008 the GFC kicks off, 2009 a swine flu erupts but fizzes out
    Sept 2019 major Wall St implosion begins, Fed begins 6 mile longs train loads of cash to ''float'' massive toxic junk stocks. 2020 another ''flu'' erupts?? Scripted??
    Planned?? You be the judge.

  7. Pfizer made $103 MILLION in PROFITS at the end of 2022 and Gates made $500 MILLION and the Australian Premiers got $10 MILLION each ! What do U mean nothing can b done ? ALL over the world people r winning court cases over this !!

  8. Brilliant discussion and so informative, certainly explains a lot we didn't know but maybe suspected. I look forward to the next instalment. Thanks again Malcolm.

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