The Man Who Knew Too Much | Full award-winning documentary

A documentary film about Colin Wallace an intelligence officer who blew the whistle on fake news and was framed for a murder.

The Man Who Knew Too Much is a documentary by Michael Oswald about Colin Wallace a former Military Intelligence Officer involved in psychological operations in Northern Ireland. Colin Wallace spread fake news, created a witchcraft scare, smeared politicians and attempted to divide and create conflict amongst communities, organisations and individuals. He fell out with members of the intelligence community and found himself accused of murder.

In conjunction with the release of this film, Colin Wallace has announced legal action against the British Ministry of Defence. Please share this film so that everyone becomes aware of this important story.



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Translations: Spanish by Andres Aarias Uribe, Italian by Mario Palla, French by Rosalie Carn, Arabic by Amr Galal, Macedonian courtesy of IFFS, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese by Santos, Russian by Native Writer, German by Ursula Stucki.

The documentary premiered at the Investigative Film Festival Skopje in 2021. It won a Special Award for Investigation & Reporting from the Harrogate Film Festival.

“In a modern world driven by information, instant messaging and social media, we have much to learn from The Man Who Knew Too Much. Disinformation and psychological operations may be easier to deploy today than they were half a century ago.” Ciaran McAirt – Paper Trail Legacy Archive Research (

“Colin Wallace’s chilling testimony makes for compulsive viewing.” Veterans for Peace UK have published a review by David Collins.

“The lengths to which MI5, MI6 and the psyops warriors of the British military will go to suppress the truth about their dirty tricks in Ireland is astonishingly well told in this marvellous new film. Hairs on the back of my neck were standing up and I was concerned that MI5 might knock imminently!” Professor David Miller, University of Bristol, @Spinwatch

“A tale from recent history with an urgent contemporary relevance”. Steve Morrissey – Movie blogger (

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  1. similar to Americas Homeland Security of today. look at how they act, in the airport, or on tv. "we know everything about you, just give us the money or we will make you disappear" attitudes.

  2. England had nothing better to do except pour money and resources into dividing and scaring communities even more? Sad when all this comes out no one cares and all the names of those murdered and maimed slowly melt away leaving a still divided island.

  3. I found this documentary got rather confusing towards the middle in terms of his dismal and the murder. Nonetheless an interesting watch. Puts the media coverage of Corbyn in perspective.

  4. The boy’s home is disgusting and evil like the people who carried out the deed’s. And this is top level Elite’s and Political figure’s that have ruled over us. Waken up people.

  5. The Man Who Knew Too Much is a 1956 American suspense thriller film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock, starring James Stewart and Doris Day. The film is Hitchcock's second film using this title, following his own 1934 film of the same name featuring a significantly different plot and script.

  6. There's still no prospect of justice for the many victims of VIP paedophilia. When Theresa May was Home Secretary she said the VIP paedophilia was "just the tip of the iceberg", then quickly joined in the cover-up. One hundred and fourteen Home Office files on VIP paedophilia went "missing". UK state broadcaster BBC used a Panorama program to demonise the victims as 'liars' while the other UK puppet media demonised the victims as 'fantasist's'. Then, a farcical succession of three 'top' judges and a farcical, phantom 'inquiry'. Welcome to 'justice' UK style!

  7. The UK is increasingly and blatantly, right-wing authoritarian, with the full support of Establishment puppets Sir Keir and Sir Ed. Banning books in universities which oppose this grossly unfair, unjust system. Allowing its agencies to murder with impunity. Introducing laws to restrict public protests. Etc., etc. But, fed on a 24/7 media diet of anti-Russia, anti-China scaremongering, hatemongering, warmongering etc., the thoroughly brainwashed majority don't realise hard-won rights and freedoms are being increasingly taken away. The successful right-wing media demonising and toppling of Corbyn was led by state broadcaster BBC, the propaganda-wing of the ruling elites. Only a Labour Party with right-wing leadership, like Blair's New Labour, is allowed to govern. A government for the many not the few i.e. real democracy is impossible in this totally corrupt system based on greed, privilege, gross injustices against the poor, sick, vulnerable etc. The monarch can dissolve Parliament. The UK is now, effectively, a one-party state.

  8. Terrorism is not pleasant but at least democracy won. As in the Falklands, the will of the residents of Northern Ireland prevailed.

    Good to see that not just brute force was used. Some great ideas here.

    Obviously the situation was international. A foreign country was claiming the jurisdiction over UK territory and gave at least tacit support to terrorists. terrorist support also came from other countries. Not so sure about Russia.

  9. Kincorra boys home was indeed a scandal, Not more so than the hundreds of cases in southern Ireland protected by the catholic clergy, but a scandal nonetheless.

  10. Taking boys camping! Lads in kids homes were allowed to be abused by informants. How much blackmail was going on? Geoffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are a good example of state ops.

  11. This kind of espionage divisions or secret servs has only served one main purpose: to gain power and influence for the little and ultra selected group who basically have their filthy hands on everything. Who really knows how deep the rabbit hole actually is. I guess we will never know

  12. Makes you think: the British got exactly what they deserved with the propaganda war created by (among others) the Russians to promote Brexit which has essentially fucked up their culture for generations to come… Now that I think about – no one, not even the British, deserve Brexit…

  13. Look there must be some horrible shi? that has gone on in MI5/6 but they do a lot of good there to unfortunately this world at full of good people so as long as MI5 dose more good than bad I'm stand with them 100% ✌👍

  14. The Government manipulating the Church through propaganda and covert actions for their own desirous wants. Who were the Witches, who killed the Boy, who committed murder in an attempt to retain power, the British Government. We think your sick so taste our evil, Britain.

  15. I loved the music, added to the drama. Fabulous docu! God bless Colin Wallace! May he live to see it ALL coming out v soon now and he's proven right again. 'NatSec', 'OSA', MI5, MI6, etc. ALL goin' down! 🙂👍

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