The Market Is Getting Bad


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  1. The stock market is built of owning company's that generate something for there value to increase, crypto dose not generate anything, they are not the same

  2. If you're not eating only a can of beans a day, you're best holding any stock that produces a dividend. Instead, BUY.

    edit: if a stock isn't paying dividends and is more than 3 years old, sell it.

  3. Dank RN: “buy the dip, it’ll go up in a few years , trust me, I’m not just saying this because I need to sell my crypto, no, I’m just looking out for you”

    When ever someone tells you to buy crypto while telling others to hold onto it be suspicious, no matter who it is

  4. I caught myself thinking, "F it, we are all gonna die someday." before realizing how cynical that really is.

    Good luck everybody!

  5. I remember the surreal feeling during the start of the pandemic and the lockdowns where stocks where up. The governments of the world pumped money and did what they could to maintain normalcy and growth, and that isn't sustainable, and now we gotta deal with the affects of that.

  6. When the market takes a dive, they call it "Bear." It's funny that we have a "Bear" market during "Pride Month."

    Actually, they should rename it for when the market hits THIS bad. Maybe we can call it a "Jumper" market since the trend line looks more like someone who jumped off a bridge. Or we can call it the "Saudi Gay" market. You know, because it looks like a gay Saudi who was just tossed off a roof.

  7. Dank. Please do NOT make NFT's. I still support you and what you do basically 100%, but I seriously cannot see that actually paying off in ANY way other than monetarily.

  8. A recession can easily turn into a depression if poor decisions by the government and reckless state spending continue.
    Luckily, our leaders are fiscally responsible and have our best interest in mind! So don't worry 🙂

  9. "Oh NOO" My Mr Count Dankula impression God Bless Jesus is god and he keep you and you're family safe me and my BFF eDI82 from finland pray for you're family and generally really like you and you're content if it is content you're supposed to like since you discuss multiple issues 😀

  10. You were straight linked to my by my BFF eDi82 here on Finland, i thank my BFF God Jesus and the Good Fight Info Wars for the glory of the God Father i just think this channel is a blessing to me thank you for all you're efforts that are numerous

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