The Mask Efficacy Study That News Doesn’t Want You to See (Pt.2)| Dr. Drew | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dr. Drew Pinsky about how Dr. Fauci lost his trust, how the CDC created vaccine hesitancy, the truth about mask efficacy, and how woke culture is creating a climate where doctors are afraid of being cancelled for stating scientific facts. In this clip Dr. Drew discusses the massive negative effects of mask wearing on children and why school mask mandates could backfire. He shares shocking data on depression in children and child anxiety that should have us all concerned. Do masks work? Despite all the talk of mask mandates there is little talk of the actual efficacy of masks. Dr. Drew shares the results of a few studies that the media continues to ignore that severely weaken the case that masks significantly reduce the transmission rates of COVID.

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  1. What I would love to see is a study about the increase in infections due to people wearing masks. People touching their faces and the insides of masks with dirty hands is a serious issue and it has not been addressed…at all. The CDC quietly published a study several months ago where it showed states with mask mandates had higher infection rates than states without the mandates. But there was no follow up on the dirty hands aspect. I see people sticking their fingers under their masks all the time to scratch their face…

  2. Some time last year "our" danish prime minister said, if 200.000 people wore a mask in a week, we would get one less person on the hospital. 200.000 x 7 days x let's say 3 masks a day = ca 4 million masks = a pretty high price in a world, where money is prioritized 24/7/365

  3. Heaven almighty! Mind blown. Dr. Drew eloquently verbalized what I have a hard time explaining: "I'm generally mystified by people that want orders from without, and people that want to issue those orders." I have a newfound respect for him after hearing him say he now understands the value of freedom. Dr. Drew, hats off to you.

  4. The schools never closed in Sweden, not even one single day, neither this nor last year. And no Swedish child has ever been asked to cover their faces with these ridiculous and utterly useless face masks.

  5. The one takeaway I have, after listening to nonsense for almost two years, is that the people who should know what’s going on don’t really know what’s going on … it’s as if their starting premise is flawed … someone should go back to the beginning and explore all possibilities. That would be the scientific thing to do.

  6. There is a reason as an infant, we crawl on the ground and stick out hands in our mouths. Its called strengthening our immune system. Not saying you should go to the gas station and lick the bathroom floor. But a healthy immune system is the most important thing we can do. Alot of these dictates reduce our immune system. The Amish ignored all of this "stuff", covid went through their community and left. No fanfare, no hoopla. They got through it better than the rest of the country. We can learn from them.

  7. Lick some door knobs, kiss a few strangers on the mouth, have a COVID party and get over it. None of us getting out if life alive. The terror caused in kids/people, have caused a lot of damage.
    Not all of us are Crate trained.

  8. Wow Doc Drew! You just didn't get it and laughed at Military? Well, I guess if your Liberty is guarded by others, you just don't have a clue what the dangers are, and the lengths gone to, to stop them.
    All these folks who believe everyone around tue world wants the same thing, is ignorant.

  9. This is quite brilliant. BUT…will the brainwashed sheep listen? Has FEAR so blinded people that they cannot think clearly? Why have we let a few politicians and health Nazis's, destory the planet? ANd damage children!!! We should be ashamed of the harm we are doing to innocent healthy people.

  10. This pandemic is taught me a lot about human nature. When I learned about the raise of Hitler, I didn’t understand how that happened. I now understand how that happened. I’m not saying Biden is hitler, or that it’s the exact same thing. It’s just eye opening.

  11. I was a mask fitter for years, so safety was key for me to protect my work family. You never constant mask unless you are in a critical situation, like working in ICU. These healthcare workers will be fitted for an N95. The mandated masks are useless and actually really unhealthy for the person wearing them.

  12. There have been 6 RCT's (Randomized Controlled Trials) done between 2009 and 2020, the latest one being done mid pandemic, regarding the effectiveness of masks (using the N95) preventing viral transmission. Every single one of those studies came to the same conclusion: masks have little to no effectiveness at preventing viral spread. These studies have been grossly ignored.

  13. Why is the government so intertwined with healthcare? It tells me that government has WAY too much influence in public health policy, and thus too much power. This pandemic has morphed into more control than it has public health…and that is what scares me.

  14. then why are they still pushing it
    wake up the vaccine isn't working Fauci your Dr Death needs to be held accountable …demand his arrest make him tell the truth …stop listening start demanding its to the point where children's lives at are risk …yet it's ok for the rich and famous not to wear masks yet force toddlers small children ….WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP TALKING DEBATING ..YOU KNOW FAUCI WAS DOING GAIN OF FUCTION IN THE WUHAN LAB WITH THE CHINESE AND KNOWINGLY THE military where in there you have the evidence it keeps piling up ..Call for him to be arrested what more do you need to see the truth and what's more he is still doing gain of function murdering millions hasn't been enough for this psychopath

  15. Studies aren't published when the peer reviews don't go well, or they have made conclusions that the data doesn't justify. But lets not mention those possibilities. It's a conspiracy because people on the left apparently own the mask factories.

  16. For those of you in disbelief about China setting American policy… ya go! We tried to warn you about communism, butchoo kiddies wanted it! Enjoy it kiddos because now we're all speaking Chinese and the funny thing is that we don't know one syllable

  17. I know of kids that go to a private school. They had the most help with their education at home when they couldn’t go to school and when they could with masks. This year a lot of those kids are not up to standards on standardized tests. If this is true for kids in a private school what must it be for kids in a lot of public schools

  18. Why would a cloth mask work? A one hundredth a millimeter diameter hole – think how tiny that is (you can't see it with the naked eye) – will allow a spherical cluster of 1,020,000 Covid19 virus particles to flow through unimpeded.

  19. The Copenhagen study concluded there was no statistically significant difference between the 3,000 participants that wore masks and the 3,000 participants who did not. That is, the result was less than 3% – NOT the 15% quoted by your guest.

  20. The mask and vaxx mandates are the medical equivalent of the rule that you had turn off, or put into airplane mode, your mobile on an airplane. They told you if your phone was on it would cause electronic interference. Such bullshit. It took 25+ years to finally correct government mandated stupidity. In another generation they will be shaking the heads about how stupid and hysterical we were on the Wu flu.

  21. They said we'd open if we hit our 75-85% in BC. A huge number of people ran to get it done in order to go back to normal and after they hit their goal guess what? Masks back on! Like thanks for the month of breathing normal! 😑

  22. We visited a big studio tour. Everyone else had masks on, they all crowded together tightly, we couldn’t believe it. We stood a good 4m away in each room. The masks give false confidence.

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