The Mask Slips from the Biden Regime

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  1. Maybe this is a stupid point, but who taught that first dude in uniform how to do a speech or presentation? You're not supposed to sound like you're reading a script man, jesus christ. Fastest way to make me not listen to a person is if they sound like they're just trying to feed me bullshit they can't even be bothered to pretend is genuine, doesn't even matter what it is or if it's true. Presentation matters, why do you think Hitler had so many followers? Dude was a fuckin' nutjob but he could lead a damn crowd like few others.

  2. The American government and media has been blatantly lying to us for years. And they've been rather heavy handed about [it] at that. Is it a stretch of the imagination that millions of people would finally stop believing the propaganda?

  3. "Trusted content" is a dangerous fucking term. The very idea insinuates the issue of not being in the "trusted" tribe. That's how The Party happens. Bad bad bad shit. Because this country isn't divided enough already, right?

  4. Actually it's not uncommon to force the Military to take vaccines. Usually they don't as blatantly openly do human testing on our service men and women, but it's something that they do.

  5. It is a violation of the 1st Amendment for a company to sensor someone on behalf of the government, that case law is established already and needs to be applied to Fauci's emails to Facebook and now to any company that follows this directive from the White House.

  6. To have a pandemic you should see a sharp increase in deaths ABOVE the expected death numbers. In 2020, at the height of the so called 'covid pandemic', the expected number of deaths happened. Its simple math folks.

  7. Im really wondering why they want to force such high numbers of vaccination. It just doesnt seem necessary to keep the virus at managable levels.

  8. I can't read sign language but whatever the hell that womans saying along side the medical tyrant looks more genuine than anything coming out of him.

  9. 11 thousand views? Wow. This video already has over 60 thousand. Big news, Carl Benjamin is more popular than Biden. This should come as a shock to absolutely no one.

  10. Ah yes its the unvaccinated peoples fault, despite the fact that the delta variant is becoming the new dominant strain making the vaccinations pretty fucking irrelevant

  11. from 2011, CIA et al used their newest ''tools'' to manipulate hot headed Arabs; ''It is important to understand that new platforms of social media didn’t cause Arab Spring* (yes they did, and can't help but admit through denial) but played a role of communication that aids the revolutions in the long run.'' Perfected overseas, now imported to our soil.

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