The Masochism of The Media

Why double-down, when you can quadruple?

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. Love that Twitter's punishment for "an attempt to … silence someone else's voice"
    (y'know, by saying mean words to them, or possibly by just disagreeing with them)
    is actually silencing their voice on Twitter

  2. It's as if I'm watching the illegitimate love-child of StyxHexenHammer666, Tim Pool, and Dennis Miller…while they were incredibly high on speed and cocaine. The result of that mashing of mens's parts n smarts resulted in one anxious, agitated, pissed-off baby-boy, already clad in leather, aka: The Rageaholic. Just a theory

  3. When I watch naked celebrities whoring for attention and money, it's gonna be on pornhub.
    The desperation and debasement is the same, but Victoria Cakes seems more sincere and at least she's honest about who she blew to get the job.