The Mayor of Minneapolis is Completely Insane


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  1. Voter/election FRAUD???!!!! It’s likely a sanctuary city and Minnesota is likely a sanctuary state. There you go. Do you residents in Minneapolis: you are being REPLACED.

  2. You know what’s ironic Styxx? If they abolish the police force, that creates the perfect opportunity to privatize the police. Capitalism wins again ?

  3. Oh come on you start justifying the vandalism of one building, you undermine your own point. Imagine leftists praising the vandalism of a Fox News building. Be objective friend, I like you and most of what you say.

  4. It gets worse Minneapolis calls to defund their law enforcement. A town full of Somolies that already raid and rob folks downtown probably won't go well.

  5. I escaped from Minneapolis 8 years ago. It was just a world of poverty. It's some kind of snotty ass fake intellectual socialist click. all the elections and city council are fraudulently controlled by the DFL. It's pretty bad man. Even if you're just a Centrist normal guy, they socially ostracize you. Forget about being conservative you're likely to get punched for being a Nazi

  6. Maybe they're safer in a riot, because they're surrounded by burning buildings, which destroy the virus? …I'm just trying to "follow the science" here.

  7. here in new orleans there were two police officers shot last month and in april there was a shootout between police and a criminal under arrest. Needless to say the perpetrator was shot and killed. So whats your question styxenhammer

  8. I moved out of Mpls 8 years ago when things started to get bad I'm so glad I did. Its sad because I grew up there. Generation's of my family lived in Mpls. I'm grateful that my parent's aren't alive to see this.

  9. Styxx is a natural in front of the camera, he is interesting, and serious subjects yet humerous, why isnt he given a 1/2 hour news show? Aww, come on his video commentary needs to more than few minutes! He's got looks, serious news issue content, and a humour give em a contract hollywood, please!