The Media Cuts Off Trump On NATIONAL TELEVISION, Stop the Steal Trends on Twitter

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The media cuts off Trump on NATIONAL TELEVISION and SILENCES the President… right after he claimed the Media was colluding against him. He also spoke about evidence of potential voter fraud, election integrity and lawsuits against key swing states before being rudely cut off by the media. #StopTheSteal #ElectionResults2020 #TrumpvsBiden


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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


  1. Go dislike bomb the video and tell them there is evidence, the only way they will listen if you push them hard enough, and if they turn of comments and able to likes to dislikes, that will prove our point even more

  2. By definition it is a conspiracy. It’s a difference between a “conspiracy theory “ and a “conspiracy”

    The dems conspired to do this thing in secret and now we are seeing it.

    No longer a theory when you have proof.

  3. Everyone has the right to express their views. The president absolutely has the right . When any news agencies censor we as Americans have a problem. Also when the president is only asking for transparency what are they so afraid of. Yeah you got it.speaking of knees Shepard has familiarity with this position.

  4. They are literally stealing the election in front of everyone’s face and guess what trump is president and all democrats can go fuck them selfs civil war dude it’s no joke

  5. Proof that the Left-wing Media is ALL in for the fraud. They are ALL co-conspirators and comrades. The Media is in bed with the Dem politicians. Sounds to me like a call to war. They flat out cut off the President and called him a "Liar." The media is for treason.

  6. A straight out set-up. It should be quite entertaining to see what plot this is the start of.
    Once again, the leftist commies demonstrating the absurd with absurdities

  7. Ppl have been getting away w/sooooo many crimes in the last several years that stealing an election is being treated like it's a 24hr news cycle; a 1 day story about nothing. That's not gonna cut it this time. I know of even housewives ready to go pop off in protests, & I don't think the corruption class has correctly estimated how pissed off ppl might become. We're beyond pissed, as Republicans seeing the election being stolen, & Democrats seeing that their candidate didn't win, yet poll workers keep finding magical votes in areas where everyone registered who voted has already been counted – wtf? It's one thing to bitch about electoral vs popular vote even though the founders created the electoral process to prevent a disproportionate number of ppl voting in one or more states to therefore create laws & elect ppl that are disastrous to middle America & the Midwest, Texas, & the entire south & Bible belt! And there are plenty of Americans who live inside & outside cities/counties in OH, IL, MO, KY, WV, etc who don't go along w/far leftist, radically progressive policies either. What we're seeing is far worse than the fallacious arguments against our constitutional voting system. The entire media, Deep State, the far leftists who've hijacked the DNC, corrupt politicians, big tech, (Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, FB…), & corrupt judges are destroying the democratic process of verifying ballots before counting them as votes! If you put a whole bunch of Republicans in a massive warehouse office space, situated far away from any doors or windows, & they blatantly not only wouldn't allow Democrat poll watchers to view the ballots as they were being verified & counted as votes, but they also would not even let them inside the building, there would be a Civil War in progress now! Further, what if Republicans also didn't want poll watchers to watch the poll workers, (which is their ACTUAL JOB), using binoculars to try & see what's going on, so they put up paper to cover the windows, so the poll watchers outside could only watch the poll workers coming in or out of the bldg, & never watching the poll workers work at the polls? Do you see my point? Democrats would be outraged, & Republicans, too, bc that would be the end of free, fair, & legal voting in America, which is the bedrock of our Republic! Ppl need to wake tf up, & speak tf out!!!!

  8. He is alleging a conspiracy. Just because you’re too brainwashed to know what that word means anymore and think it means “bad thing” doesn’t make it less true.

    They are conspiring with multinational companies, the media, election boards, and the Democrat party.

    Stop feeding the psy op of the word conspiracy by refusing to use it in its actual definition, O.

    Love you but do better bro

  9. What's funny, is that a couple weeks ago, I had to explain to my uncle (Who is a Trump supporter, mind you) about the whole Hunter Biden thing. I'm pretty sure that if he didn't know, most people don't.

  10. Trump should be putting up the pictures and evidence of the corruption by the democrats on billboards, projections all over the country, especially in the deocrat states.