The Media Darling: Dan Andrews

Is it any wonder that The Chairman gets away with his appalling record? Barely any mainstream journalist will ask him a difficult question. When he gives a nonanswer, MSM journalists never challenge him and call him out. It is a real worry that the majority of sheeple get their information from these paid-up propaganda media companies. You can watch the original video on Channel 10’s youtube page, but of course, you can’t comment. Honesty frightens them.

Written by Danger Dan


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  1. I couldn't watch it all, its too nauseating and the fake TV reporter is just driving the death nails deeper into to the Main stream media . gradually we are all turning our backs on those lying scoundrels
    and eventaully they will have Zero ratings. Just take a look at the 'Project' ….. Avi gets more viewers that they do !

  2. First time I've ever seen some positive coverage of this man.
    He doesn't deserve it.
    Luckily for Morrison this guy came along. A sheer blessing.
    The policies come from the national cabinet..
    But the backlash goes to the states.
    We have the same draconian policies in NSW.
    But Gladys is portrayed as a political version of lady Dianna by the corporate media.
    Flowers and tears of love.
    Scott wants her to run for a federal liberal seat.
    But not just yet.
    First she'll have to shake her charges of corruption at ICAC.

  3. The media in Victoria (with the exception of a small few) are as weak and soft as butter. Shame on them for not doing their job.

    One thing that’s important is that you, danger Dan, your work on YouTube is awesome

  4. This is one of your best videos so far! Great comedic but true portrayal of the young mainstream media well groomed soy latte soft cuck woke journalist pre-scripted interviewing of a narcastitic megalomaniac communist "media darling" premier, in a tandem of symbolic mutual felatio. Just one thing missing from your screen text messaging that I think would have been a fitting addition to the video's complete message and that was to include the amount of total and unfortunate suicides that occured in the record 2 year VIC lockdown.

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