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Written by friendlyjordies


  1. I like Friendly Jordies, but most of this stuff in this video is pretty boring. I'm not really sure if any of this was youtube worthy. His other stuff is great though.

  2. Jordan ,The mob have spoken.Its time for you to go full bore on them.
    Beyond the Scomodome?.You've put in all the hard work and now it's paying off.People will start listening to you and change to your type of investigatory rational politics and what policy should be and what thinking makes for a real socially responsible and prosperous democratic society.I liked your program the first time I saw it just last year.And your spot on.I think your funny a lot of the time especially satirically and Your use of Bruz.Really hits the sweet spot ,I hate the bro culture.Anyway good luck your unreal.

  3. I love how what started off as snubbing and ribbing each other has evolved into a some kind of cheeky journalistic rivalry between Jordies and Paul. If that isn't peak Aussie, I don't know what is.